Back to School Event (2012)

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Back to School Event (2012)
Base Level: Unknown
Hunting: 50 Mobster
Quest Reward(s): 50 Prize Medal

Read the Manuel

Note: You can bypass the 3 hour cooldown with 1 Eden Merit Badge

  1. Speak with Camille located in Lighthalzen (239,90) and agree to help her brother.
  2. Go to Hugel. Speak with Manuel located in Hugel (73,67). He tells you that he get bullied and asks you to go to his teacher, Mrs. Farina.
  3. Find Mrs. Farina located in Hugel (95,199). She asks you to go resolve the problem with the Headmaster.
  4. Speak with Headmaster Tanner located in Hugel (58,209), besides the Bingo Hall, and choose "No, I am not here for that.". He asks you to solve the problem with the Bully's family which is in holiday at Lighthalzen
  5. Go back to Lighthalzen. Enter the warp Lighthalzen (198,163). Go north direction till you reach stairs at your right handside lhz_in (39,204), climb it. Now go to the nearest upstairs lhz_in (49, 154). Enter the only portal at the room lhz_in (89,144). Now you should see two football players, a girl and a boy, Franzie.
  6. Talk with Franzie lhz_in (83,217). He will punch you and send you back to Headmaster Tanner.
  7. Talk with Headmaster Tanner twice. He will send you to Hugel Field (hu_fild06).
  8. Talk with Officer Uriel hu_fild06 (244,365). Who will asks you to go kill 50 Mobsters. (Some of them are in the field)
  9. After killing the 50 Mobsters. Go to Inspector Device located in hu_fild06 (311,220). He tells you to help him investigate the chests.
  10. Now time for a mini game. Every 20 second the chests will open for 5 seconds, try to memorize what the chests contain, or just take a screenshot. Then talk to the Inspector and answer his question. You will have to repeat that for four times, when you are done he will ask you to go back to the Headmaster.
  11. Go back to the Headmaster who will ask you to go back to Manuel to convince him to go back to school.
  12. Go back to Manuel who praise you and says he will study to be smart as you one day, then a voice from sky will throw you 50 Hugel Prize Medals

Week 2

Note: You can bypass the 3 hour cooldown with 1 Eden Merit Badge

  1. Speak with Fenwith Fussbudget in Hugel (104, 194).
  2. Answer 5 math problems correctly in 5 minutes to receive 15 Hugel Prize Medals