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Starting Cat Gamers:

1. Speak with the Cat Gamers Director, help him and find the Manager.

2. Second Npc: Speak with the Manager outside near the Respawn Point

3. Talk to the Cat Gamers Director again - 2 Min Cooldown, he is shocked

4. Search for Eryu, Stew, Ketchup and Eff

5. Eff is a bit southeast of the respawn point - talk about investment

6. Ketchup is a bit east of the enchanters, near a house, you should talk about can religion

7. Eryu is near Gobonge, talk about human magazine

8. Stew is nord east near the last island, talk about boom can

9. Talk to the director again - 1 min Cooldown because he is shocked again

10. Find the manager and try to find out how the director can change his scary cat image

11. Manager is the same as in step 2, choose option 3

12. Speak with director again - now you must wait for 20 hours, collecting time for complaints

13. After 20 hours -> you'll get 100 E-Coins, accept his request und you have another 1 hour timer

14. After the 1 hour cooldown you'll get an accessory -> G Honor Certificate: a certificate that guarantees cat gamer members. It has ability to record matches.
You can now ask players condition or report the status to the director, but here you'll get no new quest info

there are 4 games:
1. Rock, Scissor, Paper Player (Step 15)
2. ChamChamCham Players (Step 16)
3. KongNyangKong Players (Step 17)
4. Flag Game Players (Step 18)

You have to put the accessory on in order to play the games.

15. Go down the stairs and there are rock scissor paper Players
Speak to Ser and Pam for the rules and to start a Game. You must win 3 of 5 rounds for a present.
-> The prize for a Winning are 5 Malang Sp Can from Ser (Pam might give you different prize). You will get a 24h Cooldown Timer before you can play this game again. You can only play once against Ser or Pam per day.

16. Speak to Kuka to play the ChamChamCham Game.
->You'll have to click right or left option, if you click right and the cat face appears there, you win a round. The npc says you'll get a prize for 3 rounds and a bigger one if you make a new record. If you lose, you will get a mission (for example : Hunting 50 PecoPecos)
You only can try once a day regardless of winning or losing you'll get 24h timer before you can try again.
In the case of losing, you must finish the mission given (in the example above is hunting 50 pecopecos), or else the npc in step 16 won't accept you as a practice partner
After finishing the special mission (50 peco kills) speak with the director and report status and get 3 Malang SP Cans

17. Go down the stairs again to play another game
Speak to Kung Kung to play KongNyangKong Game, you can ask about the Game Rules You'll get 100/100 hp, its important to know if you are the attacker or defender and then you will have to fight with the opponent which has the same starting hp

If you win you may get a prize, or else you'll have to hunt monsters (for example : 10 Cramps) and report after finishing the hunt to the director again before taking some other games, you'll get another 3 Malang Sp Cans

18. The last game is the flag game but rules and how to win is still unknown
You can do the 4 daily games once a day and win prizes