Chesire's New Day

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Chesire's New Day
Base Level: ??
Quest Prerequisite(s): Doha's Secret Orders
Base Experience: 50,000
Job Experience: 40,000
Item(s): 1 Sapha Certification
  1. Go to the Dicastes Diel and then walk near the guard outside Ahat's office. Chesire dic_in01269193 will appear and ask you to collect and deliver a box.
  2. Go to the Kamidal Tunnel (2 areas south and 1 area west).
  3. Interact with the Stacked Boxes of Goods, which is located immediately west of the entrance to Scarab Hall dic_dun01276113, and you will receive 1 Bradium Box.
  4. Go to Bifrost Field 1 bif_fild01335168 and then talk with Cheshire, who takes the Bradium Box from you.

Note: If you lose the Bradium Box, then Chesire will require you to replace it with 20 Refined Bradium.

Tip: To quickly travel to Bifrost Field 1, use a Mysterious Seed.