Dangerous Rumors

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Dangerous Rumors
Base Level: 60
Quest Prerequisite(s): Cursed Spirit Quest
Quest Reward(s): Access to Somatology Laboratory 4F
Access to Wolfchev's Laboratory
Direct teleport to Somatology Laboratory 4F (iRO Custom)
  1. In Lighthalzen Slums lighthalzen266200, talk to Giacomo Girolamo lighthalzen303303 . It doesn't matter what you answer to his questions.
    Giacomo Girolamo.png
  2. Proceed to the Somatology Laboratory via the sewer pipe (or through Dungeon Teleporter) and make your way to the 4th floor.
    • The entrance to the 4th floor will be in the bottom-right corner of the 3rd floor lhz_dun0323974.
    • When you enter, you'll be taken to a private instance instead of the real 4th floor.
  3. Walk through the tunnel, triggering dialogue as you enter.
  4. Talk to Wolchev que_lhz20873 (triggered by walking near him).
  5. Wolchev will flee. You'll warp to a different area of the dungeon after "chasing" him. Walk south and talk to him again.
  6. Wolchev runs away one more time. This time, you arrive in a wide open area with Wolfchev standing in the middle. Talk to him again.
  7. Kill the "Human Guinea Pig" that spawn (they are very, very weak).
  8. Talk to Wolchev until you bop him over the head to wake him from his daze.
  9. Head north to the ruined laboratory entrance que_lhz143251.
    • You will be teleported to the real 4th floor of the dungeon at this point.
  10. Talk to Wolchev here to begin a quest to kill one of each of the Somatology Laboratory MVP monsters (3rd and 4th floor ones).
    • You may enter an instanced dungeon by clicking on the hatch leading down to hunt one of the MVP monsters. This quest has a cooldown.
If you've begun the MVP hunt quest, the NPC Mr. Adbar lighthalzen251207 outside of the slums' gate will send you directly to the entrance of the instance dungeon on the 4th floor.
Ligh MrAdbar.png