Document Quests

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Document Quests
Base Level: 80
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Ring of the Ancient Wise King
Quest Prerequisite(s): Sapha's Visit
Item(s): Varies, Sapha's Certification
1. Go to the El Dicastes Diel and then enter the building situated on the northern edge of the area .

2. Interact with the elevator, which is situated at the northern end of the room, and then choose to go to the Archive Room.

3. Interact with any of the 4 document bins ("Document Package") on the west side of the room to find incomplete research concerning items found in the Rune Midgard Kingdom. When you find a piece of research, an entry will be added to your quest log that describes the location of a research site.
One of the four document bins.


  • There is a chance that you will find nothing.
  • You can perform multiple searches; however, each time you perform a search, there is a chance that you will become nauseated from the smell of the documents. If this occurs, then you will be unable to perform any further searches for 6 hours.
  • Wearing a Gas Mask does not prevent you from becoming nauseous.

4. Go to a research site and then search for the corresponding item (Item name?). You will receive a small quantity of the item, and you will also have a high chance to receive 1 Unknown Relic.

5. Repeat step 4 for each remaining research site.

6. Return to the Archive Room and then talk with Papyrus. He will offer to exchange 3 Unknown Relic for 1 Sapha's Certification, or 30 Unknown Relic for 11 Sapha's Certification.

Research sites
Item Location Map
919.png Animal Skin Mt. Mjolnir 8
/navi mjolnir_08 108/99
948.png Bear's Footskin Payon Field 7
/navi pay_fild07 269/164
939.png Bee Stinger Mt. Mjolnir 9
/navi mjolnir_09 99/100
925.png Bill of Birds Morroc Field 11
/navi moc_fild11 237/273
952.png Cactus Needle Sograt Desert 1
/navi moc_fild01 169/62
515.png Carrot Prontera Field 2
/navi prt_fild02 280/328
915.png Chrysalis Prontera Field 6
/navi prt_fild06 127/85
957.png Decayed Nail Pyramid 2f
/navi moc_pryd02 36/75
923.png Evil Horn Clock Tower 2f
/navi c_tower2 170/9
949.png Feather Prontera Field 2
/navi prt_fild02 142/116
916.png Feather of Birds Sograt Desert 7
/navi moc_fild07 201/360
1023.png Fish Tail Izlude
/navi izlude 132/136
914.png Fluff Prontera Field 6
/navi prt_fild06 182/290
956.png Gill Undersea Tunnel 4
/navi iz_dun03 155/165
940.png Grasshopper's Leg Prontera Field 7
/navi prt_fild07 76/122
947.png Horn Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 366/237
958.png Horrendous Mouth Pyramid 2f
/navi moc_pryd02 148/184
929.png Immortal Heart Undersea Tunnel 3
/navi iz_dun02 112/96
928.png Insect Feeler Payon Field 7
/navi pay_fild07 126/49
909.png Jellopy Prontera Field 8
/navi prt_fild08 299/332
921.png Mushroom Spore Payon Field 8
/navi pay_fild08 188/153
922.png Orc's Fang Geffen Field 3
/navi gef_fild03 251/109
906.png Pointed Scale Payon Field 2
/navi pay_fild02 105/113
924.png Powder of Butterfly Geffen Field 5
/navi gef_fild05 111/96
945.png Raccoon Leaf Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 284/190
507.png Red Herb Prontera Field 2
/navi prt_fild02 97/209
903.png Reptile Tongue Prontera Field 9
/navi prt_fild09 371/255
907.png Resin Payon Field 1
/navi pay_fild01 151/171
930.png Rotten Bandage Pyramid 2f
/navi moc_pryd02 134/112
526.png Royal Jelly Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 64/35
936.png Scale Shell Mt. Mjolnir 4
/navi mjolnir_04 191/154
904.png Scorpion Tail Prontera Field 9
/navi prt_fild09 352/241
935.png Shell Undersea Tunnel 2
/navi iz_dun01 191/92
946.png Snail's Shell Geffen Field 9
/navi gef_fild09 67/46
926.png Snake Scale Payon Field 6
/navi pay_fild06 306/233
943.png Solid Shell Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 226/170
908.png Spawn Geffen Field 1
/navi gef_fild01 104/111
905.png Stem Payon Field 2
/navi pay_fild02 177/108
938.png Sticky Mucus Prontera Field 2
/navi prt_fild02 102/97
918.png Sticky Webfoot Prontera Field 4
/navi prt_fild04 315/245
953.png Stone Heart Comodo Field 8
/navi cmd_fild08 324/163
917.png Talon Sograt Desert 12
/navi moc_fild12 116/122
962.png Tentacle Undersea Tunnel 2
/navi iz_dun01 210/77
913.png Tooth of Bat Mjolnir Dead Pit 1
/navi mjo_dun01 222/226
902.png Tree Root Payon Field 3
/navi pay_fild03 144/95
937.png Venom Canine Mt. Mjolnir 4
/navi mjolnir_04 162/168
920.png Wolf Claw Sograt Desert 3
/navi moc_fild03 175/201
955.png Worm Peeling Prontera Field 5
/navi prt_fild05 303/169
549.png Yam Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 262/201
942.png Yoyo Tail Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 180/163