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Document Quests

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Document Quests
Base Level: 80
Item(s) (Not Consumed): Ring of the Ancient Wise King
Quest Prerequisite(s): Sapha's Visit
Item(s): Varies, Sapha's Certification

1. Go to the El Dicastes Diel and then enter the building situated on the northern edge of the area dicastes02120237.

2. Interact with the elevator, which is situated at the northern end of the room, and then choose to go to the Archive Room.

3. Interact with any of the 4 document bins ("Document Package") on the west side of the room to find incomplete research concerning items found in the Rune Midgard Kingdom. When you find a piece of research, an entry will be added to your quest log that describes the location of a research site.

One of the four document bins.


  • There is a chance that you will find nothing.
  • You can perform multiple searches; however, each time you perform a search, there is a chance that you will become nauseated from the smell of the documents. If this occurs, then you will be unable to perform any further searches for 6 hours.
  • Wearing a Gas Mask does not prevent you from becoming nauseous.

4. Go to a research site and then search for the corresponding item (Item name?). You will receive a small quantity of the item, and you will also have a high chance to receive 1 Unknown Relic.

5. Repeat step 4 for each remaining research site.

6. Return to the Archive Room and then talk with Papyrus. He will offer to exchange 3 Unknown Relic for 1 Sapha's Certification, or 30 Unknown Relic for 11 Sapha's Certification.

Research sites
Item Location Map
919.png Animal Skin Mt. Mjolnir 8
/navi mjolnir_08 108/99
948.png Bear's Footskin Payon Field 7
/navi pay_fild07 269/164
939.png Bee Stinger Mt. Mjolnir 9
/navi mjolnir_09 99/100
925.png Bill of Birds Morroc Field 11
/navi moc_fild11 237/273
952.png Cactus Needle Sograt Desert 1
/navi moc_fild01 169/62
515.png Carrot Prontera Field 2
/navi prt_fild02 280/328
915.png Chrysalis Prontera Field 6
/navi prt_fild06 127/85
957.png Decayed Nail Pyramid 2f
/navi moc_pryd02 36/75
923.png Evil Horn Clock Tower 2f
/navi c_tower2 170/9
949.png Feather Prontera Field 2
/navi prt_fild02 142/116
916.png Feather of Birds Sograt Desert 7
/navi moc_fild07 201/360
1023.png Fish Tail Izlude
/navi izlude 132/136
914.png Fluff Prontera Field 6
/navi prt_fild06 182/290
956.png Gill Undersea Tunnel 4
/navi iz_dun03 155/165
940.png Grasshopper's Leg Prontera Field 7
/navi prt_fild07 76/122
947.png Horn Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 366/237
958.png Horrendous Mouth Pyramid 2f
/navi moc_pryd02 148/184
929.png Immortal Heart Undersea Tunnel 3
/navi iz_dun02 112/96
928.png Insect Feeler Payon Field 7
/navi pay_fild07 126/49
909.png Jellopy Prontera Field 8
/navi prt_fild08 299/332
921.png Mushroom Spore Payon Field 8
/navi pay_fild08 188/153
922.png Orc's Fang Geffen Field 3
/navi gef_fild03 251/109
906.png Pointed Scale Payon Field 2
/navi pay_fild02 105/113
924.png Powder of Butterfly Geffen Field 5
/navi gef_fild05 111/96
945.png Raccoon Leaf Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 284/190
507.png Red Herb Prontera Field 2
/navi prt_fild02 97/209
903.png Reptile Tongue Prontera Field 9
/navi prt_fild09 371/254
907.png Resin Payon Field 1
/navi pay_fild01 151/171
930.png Rotten Bandage Pyramid 2f
/navi moc_pryd02 134/112
526.png Royal Jelly Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 64/35
936.png Scale Shell Mt. Mjolnir 4
/navi mjolnir_04 191/154
904.png Scorpion Tail Prontera Field 9
/navi prt_fild09 352/241
935.png Shell Undersea Tunnel 2
/navi iz_dun01 191/92
946.png Snail's Shell Geffen Field 9
/navi gef_fild09 67/46
926.png Snake Scale Payon Field 6
/navi pay_fild06 306/233
943.png Solid Shell Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 226/170
908.png Spawn Geffen Field 1
/navi gef_fild01 104/111
905.png Stem Payon Field 2
/navi pay_fild02 177/108
938.png Sticky Mucus Prontera Field 2
/navi prt_fild02 102/97
918.png Sticky Webfoot Prontera Field 4
/navi prt_fild04 315/248
953.png Stone Heart Comodo Field 8
/navi cmd_fild08 324/163
917.png Talon Sograt Desert 12
/navi moc_fild12 116/122
962.png Tentacle Undersea Tunnel 2
/navi iz_dun01 210/77
913.png Tooth of Bat Mjolnir Dead Pit 1
/navi mjo_dun01 222/226
902.png Tree Root Payon Field 3
/navi pay_fild03 144/95
937.png Venom Canine Mt. Mjolnir 4
/navi mjolnir_04 162/168
920.png Wolf Claw Sograt Desert 3
/navi moc_fild03 175/201
955.png Worm Peeling Prontera Field 5
/navi prt_fild05 303/169
549.png Yam Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 262/201
942.png Yoyo Tail Prontera Field 3
/navi prt_fild03 180/163