Fishing Event

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Fishing Event
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): Various bait
998.png 1x Iron
1068.png 1x Barren Trunk
1025.png 1x Cobweb
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 5855.png Fishing Rod
2764.png Small Fishing Rod
Item(s): Various item

Fishing Rod

Talk to Welsley in Alberta ask him for a fishing rod.


  • He will ask you bring some items for him to make you one.
  • You can choose between a regular Fishing Rod and a Small Fishing Rod.


You need 1 bait per fishing. The percentages listed below add a flat percentage to getting the fish.

Bait Fish
Shark Bluefin Tuna Octopus Snapper Piranha Salmon Squid Giant Octopus Jumbo Shrimp Sturgeon
567.png Shrimp 5% 15% 10%
957.png Decayed Nail 5% 10%
966.png Clam Flesh 7% 10% 10% 8%
962.png Tentacle 10%
960.png Nipper 15% 5%
623.png Earthworm The Dude 15%
1055.png Earthworm Peeling 5%
928.png Insect Feeler 10%
955.png Worm Peeling 5%
909.png Jellopy 3%
1024.png Squid Ink 5% 5%
579.png Fresh Fish 5% 10%
517.png Meat 15% 8% 5%

How to Fish

  • Your catch seems to be pulling away from you. -> Hold Steady!
  • Your fish seems to be holding steady. -> Reel it in!
  • Your catch seems to be coming towards you. -> Play out the line!

  • Different baits increase your chances of catching rare fish in certain areas.
  • The rare fish can only be caught on certain a map.
  • Tentacles being used in Alberta increase your chance to hook a Sturgeon by a flat 10%. So if you had 5% before it becomes 15%
  • Salmon really like the taste of Earthworms, insect feelers, and various worm peelings.
  • Tuna like to eat fresh fish.


  • There is a 30mins cooldown time for each fishing spot

Fishing Location

Location Map Bait Fish
Izlude Fishiz1.jpegFishiz2.jpeg Fresh Fish Tuna
Prontera Field 08 Fishpront1.jpegFishpront2.jpegFishpront3.jpeg Earthworm The Dude, Insect Feelers, Earthworm Peeling, Worm Peeling Salmon
Comodo Fishcom1.jpegFishcom2.jpegFishcom3.jpeg Meat, Clam Fish, Fresh Fish Shark
Alberta AlbertaFish1.jpegFishalb2.jpegFishalb3.jpeg Tentacle Sturgeon
Ayothaya Fishayo1.jpegFishayo2.jpegFishayo3.jpeg
Byland Island Fishby1.jpegFishby2.jpegFishby3.jpeg
Niflheim Fishnif1.jpegFishnif2.jpegFishnif3.jpeg
Hugel Fishhu1.jpegFishhu2.jpegFishhu3.jpeg
Glast Heim Fishgla1.jpegFishgla2.jpegFishgla3.jpeg

Exchange Rate

Talk to Welsley in Alberta to exchange the Fish you catched into Blue Whale and Blue Whale to Reward.
Fish ­čᎠBlue Whale
Fish Blue Whales
6770.png Shark
6771.png Tuna
6772.png Octopus
6773.png Snapper
6774.png Piranha
6775.png Salmon
6778.png Squid
6899.png Giant Octopus
6902.png Jumbo Shrimp
6901.png Sturgeon
Blue Whales ­čᎠReward
6897.png Blue Whales
31055.png Costume Poring Bubble Pipe
31090.png Costume Flapping Angeling
31054.png Costume Sting Hat
20349.png Costume Flying Galapago
20294.png Costume Maximilian Von Babe XXIX
20281.png Costume Kindergartender's Hat
20312.png Costume Baron's Evil Eye
50 60 Minute Stat Buff
25 30 Minute EXP Buff
30 Minute Item Drop Buff
2014 ~ 2015
6897.png Blue Whales
15138.png Egir Armou [1]
20756.png Egir Manteau [1]
22059.png Egir Shoes [1]
22621.png Squid Bbq