Forgotten Tales of Rune Midgard (2007/08/21) ~ (2007/09/11)

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Level Requirements: Base Level 20+

Item Requirements: Varies by Level

Quest Rewards: Base/Job Experience Varies by Level, Nile Rose OR Baseball Cap OR Pirate Dagger

Source: Storyteller Quest Info

  1. Talk to the old man in Prontera above the fountain. (155,220) and agree to help him by visiting 9 storytellers around Midgard.
  2. For each storyteller, listen to their story, collect some items, return and get a 3 question quiz about the story you just heard. You get a little reward when you finish each.
  3. After completing all 9 storytellers, return to the old man in Prontera, and he will quiz you on the stories. You will be asked a set of four questions, the answers to which must be typed in. Capitalization matters. Upon successful completion of the quiz, you will be given a random item from one of the past anniversary events. This can include: Nile Rose [1], Baseball Cap [1] and Pirate Dagger.
    • note: The Nile Rose received is the same item as received from the Eye of Hellion Quest meaning it will have a different description and appear on a different hotkey than Nile Roses obtained during the 2nd anniversary quest.

Storyteller Locations

Color Key
Level Range Color Reward
20-29 Green ? base/8k job
30-39 Orange 45k base/? job
40-49 Gold 60k base/24k job
50-59 Purple 75k base/50k job
60-84 Black 225k base/110k job
85-98 Blue 400k base/250k job
  • Please update the key as level ranges are discovered.
Storyteller (In Order) Availability Location Items Quiz Answers
Tashi 8/21 - 9/11 1st level of Geffen dungeon
(outside the door)
20 Sticky Mucus, 30 Poison Spore
20 Sticky Mucus, 30 Poison Spore
20 Sticky Mucus, 30 Poison Spore
20 Horrendous Mouth, 30 Jack o'Pumpkin
20 Horseshoes, 30 Little Evil Horns
Aeror 8/21 - 9/11 Outside Byalan Dungeon
(outside dungeon entrance)
20 Nipper, 30 Single Cell
20 Nipper, 30 Single Cell
20 Nipper, 30 Single Cell
20 Conch, 30 Mermaid's Heart
6 Ancient Lips, 25 Fins
Glast Heim
He was hunting Rose Quartz
Makk 8/21 - 9/11 1st level of Mjolnir Dead Pit
(mjo_dun01: 43, 31)
20 Mole Whiskers, 30 Rat Tails
20 Mole Whiskers, 30 Rat Tails
20 Mole Whiskers, 30 Rat Tails
20 Lantern, 30 Elder Pixie's Moustache
10 Trunk, 40 Lantern
A priestess
The Smiths
A power that cannot be understood
Sera 8/28 - 9/11 East of Al De Baran Clock Tower
(aldebaran: 172, 134)
20 Bear's Footskin, 30 Garlet
20 Bear's Footskin, 30 Garlet
20 Needle of Alarm, 30 Moth Dust
20 Glitter Shell, 30 Ogre Tooth
to wash her hair
Absinthe Ranald 8/28 - 9/11 Near Comodo's dancing
stage by Kafra employee
(comodo: 198, 148)
20 Stinky Scale, 30 Spawn
20 Stinky Scale, 30 Spawn
20 Tentacles, 30 Brigans
6 Ancient Lips, 15 Horrendous Hair
Her mother
Abysmal Knight
Her soulmate
Firechan 8/28 - 9/11 Near Kafra employee in Louyang
(louyang: 216, 108)
20 Porcupine Quill, 30 Bear's Footskin
20 Porcupine Quill, 30 Bear's Footskin
20 Tiger Panties, 30 Dry Sand
20 Daenggie, 20 Folding Fan of Cat Ghost
hungry Vanilmirth
Hoshi Astraea 9/4 - 9/11 Near Kafra employee in Einbech
(einbech: 188, 138)
20 Jubilee, 30 Flexible tubes
20 Old Pick, 30 Dust Pollutant
20 Rusty Screw, 30 Crystal Fragment
To become a sage
Her dear Friend
Auralis Nami 9/4 - 9/11 Near Cool Event Corp. Employee in Hugel
(hugel: 82, 171)
20 Mole Whiskers, 30 Flexible Tubes
10 Dragon Scales, 20 Aloe Leaflets
3 Rune of Darkness
Ymir's Heart
Ymir's Corpse
Tull 9/4 - 9/11 Rachel Airship Hangar
(ra_fild12: 287, 200)
5 Large Jellopy, 30 Sticky Mucus
20 Sticky Poison, 30 Rotten Meat
20 Glacial Hearts, 20 Ice Cubic
long range attacks

Final Quiz Answers

There are multiple sets of questions possible.

Question Set Questions Answers
Set One: What type of Homunculus was Poshi?
Where did the team go support Flynn?
What class did Jack end up becoming?
What color was the sage's hair that she admired?
Glast Heim
Super Novice
Set Two: What was the Priest's name?
What weapon was used in the creation of Poshi?
What was the three headed lizard's name in the story?
What part of the Somatology lab did David see Kathryne?
Morning Star
Top Right Platform
Set Three: What was Flynn hunting for?
When the Smiths shed their disguises, what outfit were they wearing in their true form?
What was Ymir?
What did Sohee think she saw?
Rose Quartz
White Robes