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Gift From a Guide Staff

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Gift From a Guide Staff
Base Level: none
Job Level: none
Job Class: Novice
Base Experience: 450
Job Experience: 30
Item(s): 12324.png 20 Novice Butterfly Wings
12323.png 20 Novice Fly Wings
569.png 20 Novice Potions
  1. At the entrance to the Criatura Academy Bridge, talk to the guard-like NPC, Information Staff Member, who explains that they have a game for the player. They've hidden different items in the town for the player to find and have marked the locations on the player's map.
  2. Go to each location and click on the small sign post at the spot.
  3. Each location brings up a dialogue with a NPC, Lumin, who always manages to get there before the player does.
  4. Once the player has reached all three locations, return to Information Staff Member.
  5. Go through the dialogue with the NPC, who will then reward the player with 12324.png 20 Novice Butterfly Wings, 12323.png 20 Novice Fly Wings, and 569.png 20 Novice Potions.