Help Out the Old Man

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Help Out the Old Man
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 60 Palm Oil Fruits
Base Experience: 50,000
Job Experience: 10,000
Item(s): 1 Old Purple Box

1. Talk to Memo dewata109262 and he complains about not getting any news from the Jati Tribe. Speak with him a couple of times then he will tell you his problem.

2. Offer to help him out. He then asks you to look for Lero dew_fild01114275 at the Jati Tribe.

3. Talk to Lero and he is wondering where Poby is. He asks you to look for Poby at the east side of Palm Forest.

4. Look for Poby dew_fild01259 . He complains about his back aching. He asks you to tell Lero about his situation.

5. Return to Lero and tell him how Poby was. He will send Poby a message in Indonesian language.

6. Talk to Poby and he will teach you on how to gather Palm Oil Fruits from the Palm Trees and he strongly advise you to wear a Safety Helmet.

7. Click on the Palm Trees scattered throughout the forest and choose either Shake or Kick. You will need to gather 60 Palm Oil Fruits.


  • There is a chance of failure in this. One might receive a Great Leaf & Worm Peeling or get hit on the head. If you get hit on the head without any Safety Helmet equipped, you will be teleported back to the entrance of the field and lose 10% of your HP.
  • You can gather 1 ~ 5 Palm Oil Fruits at the same time.

8. Bring the gathered fruits to Lero. While he makes the juice, he asks you to go to Memo and explain the situation.

9. Go back and speak to Memo, he then asks you to bring him 30 Palm Oils.

10. Return to Lero and he gives you 30 Palm Oils. Deliver them to Memo.

11. Speak to Memo, he asks you to wait for 5 minutes.

12. Speak to him again after 5 minutes, he will reward you with 50,000 Base EXP, 10,000 Job EXP, and 1 Old Purple Box.