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Hold Your Breath

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Hold Your Breath
Base Level: none
Job Level: none
Job Class: Novice
Base Experience: none
Job Experience: none
Quest Reward(s): Play Dead.png Play Dead
  1. Just east of the Criatura Academy entrance portals, there is a NPC named Instructor Argos, lying on the ground. Talk to Instructor Argos.
  2. The dialogue describes the player believing Instructor Argos to be dead, when he is, in fact, just sleeping. Choose the "You aren't dead?" option when prompted.
  3. Instructor Argos explains that he was taking a nap. Choose "But you weren't breathing..." when prompted.
  4. Instructor Argos explains that he was actually using the skill Play Dead.png Play Dead and asks if the player wants to learn it. Choose "I want to learn it!" when prompted.
  5. Instructor Argos tells the player how Play Dead works and then tells them to hold their breath for 20 seconds before talking to him again and that he won't teach them the skill before that period of time elapses.
  6. Wait for 20 seconds before talking to Instructor Argos again.