IRO 10th Anniversary Event

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IRO 10th Anniversary Event
Base Level: ??
Hunting: Varies
Base Experience: ??
Job Experience: ??
Item(s): Varies
[[[1]] [[2]] Event Notice]

  • There are two parts to the quest. A party is recommended unless you are able to solo an MVP such as Orc Hero or a weaker Orc Lord without the nasty version of earthquake. Also, if some party members are slow, you might choose to not talk to any more npcs until the others catch up. That's because NPCs in this quest typically warp you to the next location without offering you a choice to go or not go.
    • One is the Prelude to the main quest. This is the shorter and easier portion but has no headgear reward. You will kill 100 Orc Archers and then one Orc Hero. It has not yet been verified if the orc archers in level one are the same orc archers on regular encounter maps.
    • The second part is the main quest itself. This is considerably longer and takes place mostly on an instanced map of prontera.

Prelude Quest

  1. Head to the Prontera Culverts and talk to the Sewer NPC outside, who will ask you for help. If you haven't entered Culverts before, talk to the NPC Recruiter inside of Chivalry (the name of the knights guild) in located at the top left corner of Prontera. This recruiter is at the front counter. Register for the mission to clean out the culverts. The npc gives you a free warp to the Culvert Guard NPC that guards culvert entrance.
  2. Talk the Sewer Guard NPC to start the quest before talking the culvert guard that is located in the small guard shack.
  3. Inside culverts, talk to the guard by the portal you entered. He will ask you to defeat 100 Orc Archers which are located on level one. Kill them and return to the guard.
  4. The guard will tell you to go to the next level in the Culverts. In level 2, talk to the other guard there and he will ask you to find a pedestal on level 2 of the sewers. The Pedestal can be found in the top right corner. Return to the guard who gave you this mission and head to level 3 of the sewers.
  5. Talk to the guards in level 3. The guard captain asks you to defeat the big orc. Naturally, this big orc turns out to be Orc Hero along with his summoned mob of high orcs. The boss respawns instantly, and this Orc Hero is as hard as the real one. What makes the task easier is that he typically appears in the center of the map in that overhead grid area. Unlike being in a wide open space, you can take advantage of the walkway. Once you defeat him, return to the guards and you will be rewarded with some experience.

Full Anniversary Quest

  1. Speak to Annie in Prontera, just south of the fountain. She is on the right hand side of the street. She will teleport you to an instance version of Prontera.
  2. Head to Prontera Castle which is closed off. You will be asked to find an NPC in the lower left hand corner of Prontera prt_evt4552. Head over and find the Fruit Gardener.
  3. Find the Mercenary in the bottom right hand corner of Prontera prt_evt24547 who will then hand you over a Mercenary and ask you to kill 50 Orc Archers while keeping the Mercenary alive. Kill them and talk to the Mercenary leader again. It is not required to keep the mercenary alive, but if you do so, you get an additional experience reward. If you are not in a rush, and like role-playing, then by all means keep the mercenary alive by having your partied priest heal the merc.
  4. Head to Prontera Church and speak to Father Thyme. He will buff you and ask you to collect five types of items around Prontera. Hover your mouse in these locations until you find the clickable item source. Any order will work, but the following order is suggested:
    • The first place to go is Chivalry (knights guild) because it results in the shortest walking pattern. Once inside, search the barrels (near the door).
    • The second place to go is the Tool Shop by the prontera fountain. At the back of the shop, search the crates at the bottom corner.
    • The third place to go is Bar south of the PvP Inn. Search the barrels near the door.
    • The fourth place is the building near Fruit Lady NPC. Search the cabinet near the end of the counter.
    • The fifth place is the City Hall (large building with 3 entrances: 75,91) where you get either clothing or hair changed. Search the flower pot in the middle chamber.
  5. Once you have obtained Father Thyme's supplies, head back to the Church and deliver them to Thyme. You will receive buffs and told to head over to the Castle.
  6. At the bridge to the castle a dialogue will prompt and an easy version of Orc Lord will spawn. Defeat it to lower the barrier and head into the Castle.
  7. Go to the Throne Room and step onto the black swirling portal. Be wary about the high orcs spawning.
  8. On the Newbie Island map, head north and speak to the Orc Lady. Once that is done, head north and speak to Annie near the tip of the island.
  9. Once you are teleported to Payon Dungeon, head to the bottom right corner of the map, and find a Diary on the floor (pay_d00_evt 122,28). Examine it and follow the dialogue.
  10. Once in Byalan Dungeon you will be required to find 2 clues. One is at coordinates (iz_d03_evt 183,127) and the second is near the top right corner of the map (iz_d03_evt 237,265).
  11. From there you have 2 possibilities (Biolabs or Glast Heim). Both are required, so pick where you would like to go first:
    • The Biolabs access pass labyrinth has the item hidden in one of the tubes lhz_cu_evt7180. Walk through portals and hover your mouse on the tubes until you find it.
    • The Glast Heim's Diary is at coordinates gl_ch_evt114188 which is conveniently in that small center room. You will see two tables in one of the room sections there. Just northwest of those two tables is a bench and the diary is on the end of the bench.
  12. Speak to Annie at the end of the Hall and enter the Chat room which will teleport you to an Instanced Airship once a set number of players are present (4-6 has been reported). The airship is filled with high orcs and an easier version of Orc Hero.
  13. Head into the airship. Inside head left completely and trigger the lever.
  14. Go down one more level and head left to defeat the Orc Hero with your party.
  15. Once the Orc Hero defeated, head to the right side of the ship, and speak to Annie who will reward you with a Poring Fedora Hat and some base and job experience.