IRO 15th Anniversary Event - Poring Con 2018

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IRO 15th Anniversary Event - Poring Con 2018
Base Level: 40
Item(s) (Consumed): 531.png 15 Apple Juice
914.png 30 Fluff
1034.png 20 Blue Hair
7038.png 20 Yarn
979.png 1 Green Dyestuffs
2305.png 1 Adventurer's Suit
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 9001.png 1 Poring Egg
Base Experience: 40,000
Job Experience: 20,000
Item(s): 6869.png Poring Convention Badge
17393.png Poring Con Swag Bag
19693.png Costume: Triple Poring Hat
Community Created Headgear
Event Notice

Poring Con Main.png

Come one, come all to Poring Con 2018! Located in the beautiful town of Hugel, Poring Con caters to and celebrates adventurers of all stripes. A myriad of fun quests and prizes await you only at Poring Con!

Entrance Quest

Poring Con Entrance Quest.png
To get into Poring Con, you'll need to have a badge... but all the badges are sold out! Don't worry, there's another way to get in!

  1. Speak to the Poring Con Volunteer at the entrance hugel93113.
  2. Agree to volunteer for a badge.
  3. She will asks for a Poring Egg.
  4. Talk to her again and choose How do I tame a Poring option to get 30 Unripe Apple.
  5. Use the Unripe Apple to tame the Poring hopping around Hugel.
  6. Show her the Poring Egg. Then she will asks for 15 Apple Juice.
  7. Give her the Apple Juices, and she will reward you with Poring Convention Badge, 10,000 Base Exp and 5,000 Job Exp.

Cosplay Scavenger Hunt

Poring Con Cosplay Scavenger Hunt.png
No convention is complete without free swag, and Astra and Jelloshaker know just how to hook you up with some!

  1. Speak to Astra and Jelloshaker hugel101158.
  2. To get swag, they need you to take photos of cosplayers all over Hugel. Talk to the cosplayer in any order:
    • Frozen Cosplayer (man's not cold) hugel103140
    • Musical Cosplayer and his baby hugel83156
    • Excited Cosplayer with the WILD, WILD SOUL OF AN ANIMAL! hugel160148
    • Complicated Cosplayer with the wings hugel146219
  3. Report back to Astra and Jelloshaker with the photos.
  4. They will reward you with Poring Con Swag Bag, 10,000 Base Exp, and 5,000 Job Exp.
  5. Swaaaag! Open the Poring Con Swag Bag to get the following:

Help the Cosplayer

Poring Con Help the Cosplayer.png
Cosplaying is tough, especially at conventions! Things can go wrong at any minute. Luckily, adventurers like you are around to help her participate in the cosplay contest!

  1. Speak to Cosplayer Freya hugel129130.
  2. Her costume is broken, and to repair it you will need to gather the following items:
  3. Return to her with the items, and she will reward you 10,000 Base Exp and 5,000 Job Exp.
  4. Talk to here again, and she will reward you with one Community Created Headgear of your choice.

Find Campitor

Poring Con Find Campitor.png
There's one last big event for Poring Con, but its stage manager, Campitor, has gone missing! The show can't start without him!

  1. Speak to the Stage Volunteer hugel116167.
  2. Go to Aly the Artist hugel73128 and choose I'm looking for Campitor?
  3. He will tell us to speak to Monster Cosplayer hugel70179.
  4. Speak to him and choose Campitor...?, then Where could Camp have gone?
  5. Next, go to Poring Con Volunteer hugel93113. Choose Where's Campitor?. Be sure to talk to her twice and choosing both dialogue after it.
  6. Go to Juno and talk to Band Member Blair yuno228112 and choose You just saw him?
  7. Talk to Campitor yuno16228. Choose any option.
  8. Talk to Campitor again to reserve the instance, Poring Con Concert. This instance is repeatable after 3 hours.
  9. Once inside, kill every monster there. There will be 3 waves of mobs. After each wave, go to starting place to trigger the next wave of mobs. Monsters there includes Rocker, Vocal, Teddy Bear, Stapo, Abysmal Knight, Violy, and Cendrawasih.
  10. Exit the north portal when done.
  11. Talk to Campitor and he will reward you with 10,000 Base Exp, 5,000 Job Exp, and a Community Created Headgear of your choice.
  12. Go to Poring Con Volunteer and choose Is there swag?.... You will get the achievement Poring Con Conquered and unlock the title: Poring Con Fan. Check the RODEX to get the reward Costume: Triple Poring Hat.
  13. If you didn't get the achievement, try doing the Artist Alley first before talking to Poring Con Volunteer.

Other Events

Poring Con Other Events.png

Artist Alley

Poring Con Artist Alley.png
Peruse our fine gallery of art, filled with real artwork created and submitted by real fans and players of Ragnarok Online!

  1. Speak to Aly the Artist hugel73128.
  2. Buy each of the painting for 50,000 zeny each:
    • Artwork 1 by KUNNY. Receive +10 Str buff for 30 minutes.
    • Artwork 2 by WarlockFier. Receive +10 Vit buff for 30 minutes.
    • Artwork 3 by ninJedi. Receive +10 Dex buff for 30 minutes.
    • Artwork 4 commissioned by Dawnte, illustrated by Rideword. Receive +10 Int buff for 30 minutes.
    • Artwork 5 by Pii-Kyu. Receive +10 Agi buff for 30 minutes.

Monster Cosplay Group

Poring Con Monster Cosplay Group.png
Find more spectacular artistry on display over at the Monster Cosplay Group! This group of individuals came to Poring Con dressed as their favorite Ragnarok Online monsters. Featuring more artwork from fans and players!

Community Created Headgear

Hatnarok Online!

18791.png Shrine Maiden's Hat [1]
18794.png Ordinary Black Magician Hat [1]
18795.png Night Sparrow Hat [1]
18793.png Magician's Night Cap [1]
5897.png Ascendant Crown [1]
5898.png Autumn Headband [1]
5899.png Black Ribbon [1]
5900.png Divine Guard Hat [1]
5901.png Focus Beret [1]
5902.png Harvester Hat [1]
5903.png Dead Man Bandana [1]
5904.png Very Normal Hat [1]
5905.png Lyrica Hat [1]
5906.png Oni Horns [1]
5907.png Sea Captain Hat [1]