IRO 16th Anniversary Event - Ferus Faire 2019

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IRO 16th Anniversary Event - Ferus Faire 2019
Base Level: 60
Base Experience: 1,000,000
Job Experience: 1,000,000
Item(s): 25745.png Ferus Coin
Community Created Headgear
Event Notice


The newest and hippest event, Ferus Faire, has just landed in Comodo! Travel to the beach town to take part in the festivities.


  1. Talk to Ferus Faire Promoters stationed around Comodo and ask where the Faire is, you will be warped to the main entrance.
  2. Walk to the right and talk to Squirrel at (comodo 192, 285)
  3. They will direct you to find evidence by the entrance. Go back left to the party area and click on "Suspicious item" in the small barrels at (comodo 165,281). You will find a clue that hints at an open fire.
  4. Head north up the stairs and click on the "Suspicious item" under the roasting pig (comodo 157, 318). You, Moose, and Squirrel will find a clue that mentions a stage.
  5. Head back to the south area just above you originally spawned on the map and click on the "Suspicious item" left of the large tree on the stage at the south and middle of the map(comodo 187,167). You will find a casino coin clue there, Moose and Squirrel suggest visiting the Casino.
  6. Head southward into the casino's top entrance and look underneath the first seat to your right in the middle slot machine area (cmd_in02 181, 105), where you find a Star Crumb clue (normally dropped by Stalactic Golems, among other things, Moose and Squirrel suggest checking the dungeon.
  7. Head northward use a Faire guide for a quick warp to the north half of the map) and enter the Beach Dungeon 2 at the top of the map.
  8. Just slightly north from the entrance is a Suspicious Mailbox (beach_dun02 154,36), click it, and Moose and Squirrel will appear and talk about someone reaching their hand into it.
    (Note: It is recommended past this point outside of the boss instance that you at least be in a party or be high enough level to solo a single (or fast enough to outrun) Ferus or Bewler as the event maps do not allow for fly winging)
  9. Volunteer to do the dirty work by clicking it again, and you will be sucked in and warped to a copy map of Rachel Sanctuary Holy Ground 1 right above a "Mysterious Presence"
  10. Talk to the Mysterious Presence, and he says you will have to solve 3 riddles to continue. The riddles can be found by clicking on Mysterious (Flames?) in the top left and right "wing" corners, and the top-most corridor of the map and can be completed in any order, answering wrong will strike you with a lightning bolt that deals some damage to you:
    16,199: The Letter E
    163,199: Fear
    139 267: The Wind
  11. After solving all 3 riddles, return to the middle of the map and talk the the Mysterious Presence again, then walk in the portal to the left.
  12. You will be warped to a copy map of Pyramids Dungeon Floor 1, talk to the Mysterious Presence in this map and you will be told told to search the pyramids until you find and click on 3 Mysterious Boxes (coffins)
  13. The boxes are located in the bottom left around 20,16, the middle around 168,91, and top left around 45,182. After clicking all 3, return to the center of the map and go in the portal at 45, 130 (As if entering the Thief Guild room if it were the normal map)
  14. You will be warped to a hallway with the Mysterious Presence above you, talk to him, then walk north between the 2 auras on the ground and you will be prompted to pick if you are ready or not, pick "I'm ready!" to summon the bosses, a large Ferus "Ferocious" and a large Bewler "Furious." During the summoning, you will be instead warped back to Comodo by Doc Holiday and Marvy McChonChon, who tell you that, had they not intervened, you would have died in that fight.
  15. They mention talking to Grandma Boxter who's currently in Comodo. Travel to the right and enter the hut right next to the Guild Storage Cosplay convention and ask her about her husband. She tells you to find Gramps, who is hiding, but not far away.
  16. If you talk the the other human in the room and ask if it is Gramps (you may have to pick both choices or press him multiple times) he eventually reveals that everyone so far have been actors, but the dragon threat is very real. He tells you to find a party to work with and to go back to the slay the dragons. When you are ready, go outside and to the right, click on the well and lower the rope to queue up for the boss fight instance. Climb down to enter the instance.
  17. After defeating both dragons, check the treasure box to get 75 Ferus Coins and report back to Gramps. He will reward you with some experience and your choice of Community Created Headgear.
  18. Return with the coins to Jacques Peco in exchange for some sweet sweet prizes!


Type Reward Ferus Coin needed
Buff* 14545.png Battle Manual X3 effect for 30 minutes. 50
12412.png HE Bubble Gum effect for 15 minutes.
Item 547.png Condensed White Potion x 25.
Shadow Gear Random Shadow Jewelry. 300
Random Shadow Shield.
Random Shadow Footgear.
Accessory 2776.png Adventurer's Trusty Towel [1]. 1,000

*Buff rewards are granted instantly and do not give the respective item upon purchase, only their effects.

Shadow Gear list

Shadow Jewelry

  • Physical Shadow Earring, Physical Shadow Pendant, Magical Shadow Earring, Magical Shadow Pendant, Power Shadow Earring, Intelligent Shadow Pendant, Power Shadow Pendant, Intelligent Shadow Earring, Resist Spell Power Shadow Pendant, Rapid Shadow Pendant, Caster Shadow Pendant, Hard Shadow Earring, Wise Shadow Earring, Athena Shadow Earring.

Shadow Shields

  • Athena Shadow Shield, Athletic Shadow Shield, Vital Shadow Shield, Cranial Shadow Shield, Safeguard Shadow Shield, Brutal Shadow Shield, Gargantua Shadow Shield, Homer's Shadow Shield, Dragoon Shadow Shield, Satanic Shadow Shield, Flameguard Shadow Shield, Requiem Shadow Shield, Cadi Shadow Shield, Basis Shadow Shield, Hallowed Shadow Shield, Saharic Shadow Shield, Underneath Shadow Shield, Flame Shadow Shield, Windy Shadow Shield, Envenom Shadow Shield, Damned Shadow Shield, Geist Shadow Shield, Divine Shadow Shield.

Shadow Footgear

  • Champion Shadow Shoes, Vital Shadow Shoes, Athletic Shadow Shoes, Bloody Shadow Shoes, Liberation Shadow Shoes, Chemical Shadow Shoes, Clamorous Shadow Shoes, Insecticide Shadow Shoes, Fisher Shadow Shoes, Seraphim Shadow Shoes, Beholder Shadow Shoes, Divine Shadow Shoes, Dragoon Shadow Shoes.

Community Created Headgear

Hatnarok Online!

18791.png Shrine Maiden's Hat [1]
18794.png Ordinary Black Magician Hat [1]
18795.png Night Sparrow Hat [1]
18793.png Magician's Night Cap [1]
5897.png Ascendant Crown [1]
5898.png Autumn Headband [1]
5899.png Black Ribbon [1]
5900.png Divine Guard Hat [1]
5901.png Focus Beret [1]
5902.png Harvester Hat [1]
5903.png Dead Man Bandana [1]
5904.png Very Normal Hat [1]
5905.png Lyrica Hat [1]
5906.png Oni Horns [1]
5907.png Sea Captain Hat [1]