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IRO 9th Anniversary Event

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IRO 9th Anniversary Event
Base Level: 70

Characters below 99 have additional quest

Item(s) (Consumed): Rope[3], 10 Hinalle Leaflets, 3 Explosive Powder,

and Varies by class

Hunting: 15 Mobster
Base Experience: 1,750,000 (2,625,000 for VIP)
Job Experience: 475,000 (712,500 for VIP)
Quest Reward(s): 2 Ancient Relic, Costume: Adventurer's Hat for 99 and above,

2 Pet (Isis?) tames, and Yggdrassil Seed for those below 99

Event Notice

Entrance to the Midgard Exposition

  1. Talk to Eden Expo Promoter, in Eden near the Mission Boards in the back, for a free warp to Lighthalzen.
  2. Head north from where you are warped, to the Hotel.
  3. Talk to the Expo Receptionist behind the desk. Ask about the expo.
  4. Go upstairs and down the long hallway to the last room. Talk to the speech bubble on the first bed (228, 148). You will have a dream.
  5. Return to the Expo Receptionist downstairs. He will say to ignore the ominous dream and find the Expo Tram Guide in southern Lighthalzen.
  6. Find the Expo Tram Guide at (70, 63) and teleport to Old Morroc.
  7. Talk to the Automated Tour Guide 1 sign right below where you are warped. You are then directed to continue with the automated tour.
  8. Head East to the northeast corner (269, 265) and talk to the Automated Tour Guide 2.
  9. Head South to the southeast corner (249, 61) and speak to the Automated Tour Guide 3.
  10. Head to the center area south of the center of the map (158, 102) and speak to the Automated Tour Guide 4.
  11. Head to the West-Northwest (47, 193) and talk to the Automated Tour Guide 5. You will be "restamped for entry," receive:
    • 750,000/1,125,000 Base EXP (Norm/VIP)
    • 200,000/300,000 Job EXP (Norm/VIP).
    • 1 Ancient Relic
      TIP - VIPs are allowed to channel all EXP into Base or Job for all rewards of this quest.

Increasing Bazaar Prices

  1. Head north to the Bar and speak with the Expo Representative (58, 256). Say "sure" about working for hire. She sends you to investigate why the Bazaar is charging expensive prices and to speak with the Commerce Guild Rep.
  2. Return to the center (A.T.G. 4 area) and speak with the Commerce Guild Rep (142, 103). Choose Diplomatic.
  3. Find 3 pieces of evidence:
    • (147, 104)
    • (171, 105)
    • (112, 91)
  4. Return to the Commerce Guild Rep with the evidence. Tell him he's lying (about the broken bottles being from a rowdy party). He admits that he is being bothered by some "two-penny" thugs in Lighthalzen but is being watched and to talk to him again later.
  5. Speak to him again. He then asks you to go and kill 15 Mobster in Lighthalzen.
    * TIP 1 - You have to find your own transportation back to Lighthalzen. Save, memo, kafra, walk, airship back there.
    * TIP 2 - You can kill the Mobsters in Dimensional Gorge (From New World quest) as well for quicker killing.
  6. Return to Commerce Guild Rep and he is allowed to break his contract. He then sends you to a building in Lighthalzen's slums.
  7. Inside the building (344, 260), find Croque Monsieur, the daughter of the original mobster boss. After having killed her goons, she decides to break the contract with the Expo people.
  8. Return to the Commerce Guild Rep (142, 103) and thanks you with:
  1. Go back to Expo Representative Frau Beau at the northwest (58, 256) to receive a class-based quest.

Blacksmith/Hunter/Wizard/Swordsman/Gunslinger Hands-on Quest

  1. Go to the Technologists in top right Morroc
  2. They ask you to go to Einbroch and talk to their leader in the Einbroch hotel. The hotel is just right of your spawn point.
  3. You find him upstairs. Splash water on him to make him talk, then go outside and look for his assistant once he's done talking.
  4. In Einbroch, go left of the hotel and talk to Mark (177,171).
  5. He sends you up Einbroch tower, talk to the Tesco's Assistant who requests the following items:
    • 30 Large Jellopy, 20 Iron Ore and 5 Iron.
    • These items are not consumed.
    • Wizards may need to talk to the assistant multiple times to get to the next step (it's done by a "spell" that can miss.)
  6. Return to the assistant who tells you to go southwest of Einbroch and play with a control panel.
  7. Go to the very southwest of the city (Einbroch:77,37). Talk to the control panel and follow the instructions. You want to make the voltage equal to 70
    • If the volt is at 50, reduce damper.
    • If the voltage is above 100, vent the excess fluid.
    • If the volt is at 70 leave it be.
  8. Go back and talk to the assistant who tells you to give the battery to Tesco.
  9. Go talk to Tesco in the hotel again.
  10. Tesco tells you to find his courier near the broken bridge in Einbroch (34,190).
  11. The courier will send you outside onto a map, you have to talk to 3 flags.
    • The first flag is directly left of your spawn point.
    • The second flag is at (161,351)
    • The third flag is at (37,230)
  12. After finding flag 3, proceed to the next map. Flag 4 is right near the pond on the next map (238,135).
  13. Go back to the Expo Engineer in the Morroc Expo Area and receive:

Bard/Dancer/Alchemist/Priest/Sage Hands-On Quest

  1. Speak to the Production Assistant Madame West (53, 198).
  2. Find Lucas Spellman (146, 162). His ground-breaking invention of a video camera seems to have been broken. He asks you to find Kuro Akirasawa.
  3. Head west to find Kuro Akirasawa (29, 193). It seems some actors are scared, and he asks you to convince them to come back and shoot.
  4. Head south to find Sam J Ellson worried about curses. If you are a bard class, bring him Holy Water . Priests do not need anything.
  5. Head east towards the water to find Adime (102, 166). He's worried about sabotaged stunt explosives. Head directly south (100, 112) to investigate.
  6. After investigating, return to Adime and he will send you to find Cage Whickerman.
  7. Speak with Cage Whickerman (163, 142). The script for the movie seems poor, so he asks you to help him out. Alchemist and Priest classes are asked to bring 10 Apple
  8. Return to Kuro Akirasawa and be awarded with:

Thief/Monk/Ninja/Super Novice/Taekwon Kid Hands-On Quest

  1. Speak to the Gem Collector at the Gem Exhibit (257,65)
  2. As you speak with the Gem Collector regarding a particular missing gem, The Spider makes an introduction midway. Reply with (Sure?).
  3. The Spider then acknowledges your interest on the matter and both of you warp to Comodo.
  4. Talk to him, and he will say something about him requiring the help of a certain locksmith at Kokomo Beach. The locksmith is located right in the middle of a lonely island at the Beach.
    • TIP If you play a Thief Class Char this NPC may tell you to go directly to the casino and find the location of the safe, thus skipping the tedious part of finding the locksmith (skip to 7.).
  5. There's a hut at the center of a island (located at the bottom left of the map) and you will find the locksmith (you may have to rotate your map to see him). Talk to him and he'll give you a set of instructions. Report back to Spider. *Warning - this map is infested with ragged zombies. There are quite a few scattered around the map, they are ranged, and they hurt if you are not well geared.*
  6. The Spider will say he has to wait from his fellow operatives regarding the lock. Talk to him again to proceed.
  7. The hidden safe will be at the room with a make-shift bed near the lobby of the first floor of the Casino. You will not see a 'safe' so click the bed itself.
  8. The Spider reappears with you and both of you unlock the safe. Repeat unlocking the safe until it breaks open.
  9. Escape the Casino and meet up with him again at the place you met earlier at the waters.
  10. Head back to the Gem Collector at the Expo to receive:
    • #*250,000/375,000 Base EXP (Norm/VIP)
    • 75,000/112,500 Job EXP (Norm/VIP)
    • 1 Ancient Relic

Missing Expedition

  1. After completing your class quest, return to Frau Beau in top left Morroc. She asks you to investigate Morroc Castle, as an expedition went missing.
  2. Talk to the Guard right inside the Morroc Castle
  3. Find the locked door, once inside, go East one portal, South two portals, and the door is this:
  4. Now, go back to the West wing of the castle and search for "Injured Guard" in a little room. He'll ask you to bring him the following items:
  5. Return to the injured guard on the left-hand side of the castle, he asks you to go down into the basement and blow up the barrier on the staircase. It's an NPC bubble near a staircase in the basement pictured to the right.
  6. Return to the injured guard again, then go to the right-hand side of the castle to Mort's Office.
  7. Click underneath the Marduk to find an NPC dialogue box. When asked, threaten him! (If you choose another option, return to Frau Beau at the northwest and repeat this step)
  8. Go talk to Frau Beau in top left Morroc, then return to the Marduk.
    Those under level 99 will have to do an additional quest (requires 20 mole Whiskers, 5 Rusty Screw, 1 Sapphire, 1 Emerald, and 1 Ruby.)
  9. This completes the quest for the first week and gives you the Costume: Adventurer's Hat, and access to the Basement Instance. (implemented June 12, 2012)

MVPing Amset-Ra

  1. Put together your favorite MVP party and go down to the Locked Basement. You have half an hour to finish the instance.
  2. Find and "rescue" all the tourists around the maze.
  3. After all the tourists have been found, kill 20 Cultists (Isis labeled Cultist). Some of the labeled Cultists (Pasana) are not included in the kill count. An announcement - "All the Cultists have been defeated go to Malcom Volmarr" - will appear after you are finished.
  4. Talk to the Sapha Tourist at the top left of the maze (115, 187) once more. Amset-Ra will spawn right next to it. (Make sure only one party member talks to the NPC or two MVPs might spawn.)
  5. After defeating Amset-Ra, talk to Uncle Mort to go back to the Expo.
  6. Return to Frau Beau who will thank you for your help.
  7. One may re-enter the Locked Basement after one day.
  • Quest is supposed to be repeatable, but can't be repeated currently (reported, might be fixed with maintenance).
  • Amset-Ra looks like Osiris, has 2,000,000 HP and is Race: Undead, Element: Undead.
  • One of the possible MVP-rewards is a Costume: Sphinx Hat (Upper AND Lower headgear, all classes, level req: 1, account bound).

Earning Carnival Tickets


  • Visit the Fisherman at Morroc_mem164144
  • Click on the Fishhole around (159, 144)
  • It costs 100z to fish for a ticket (it says 100z but it takes 300z)
  • You will be awarded with 0-1 Carnival ticket / Marlin
  • There is a 1 hour cool-down for fishing.

Fixing the Prize Machine

  • Talk to the prize machine (167, 111).
  • Talk to the manager near the prize machine
  • The first Mechanic is at (83, 182)
  • The Second Mechanic is behind the tech expo building (top right of map)
  • The Third Mechanic is near the bottom left of the gem expo building (bottom right of map)
  • Kick Machine
  • Talk to manager. Get 3 or 5 Tickets.
  • Completing this quest unlocks "Find the hiding Child".

Once fixed, one can turn in the tickets for the following prizes:

  • Morroc Fruit Wine for 2 tickets.
  • Guarana Candy for 20 tickets.
  • Isis Pet Tame(2) for 30 tickets.
  • Red Envelope for 40 tickets.
  • Green Maiden Tame for 50 tickets.
  • White Lady Pet Tame(3) for 60 tickets.

Slot Machine

  • Visit the Slot Machine at Morroc_mem149111
  • Using the Slot Machine costs 10,000 zeny.
  • You may be rewarded 0, 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, or even 100 Carnival Tickets
  • There is a 1 hour cool-down on this machine.

Claw Machine

  • Visit the Claw Machine at Morroc_mem17286
  • Using the Claw Machine costs 100 zeny.
  • You will be rewarded with 0-1 Carnival Ticket.
  • There is a 1 hour cool-down on this machine.

Find the hiding Child

  • Visit the HS Manager at Morroc_mem14881
  • He tells you to find one of the hiding children. (Doesn't tell you which one)
  • You will be rewarded with 5 Carnival Ticket.
  • Thomas is at (234, 195)
  • Tom is at (250, 295)
  • Tim is at (23, 56)
  • Tommy is at (243, 73)
  • Timothy is at (181, 229)
  • Timmy is at (39, 234)

Mind Reading

  • Morroc_mem16556
  • NPC picks a 3 digit nonrepeating number
  • You have 5 tries to get it right.
  • The npc will tell you, how many you have correct and how many you have in the right position.
  • You will be rewarded with 3 Carnival Ticket.
  • NPC is buggy at times and wont accept numbers. You can cancel the prompt (by picking 0) and try again for 300z.
  • There is a 1 hour cool-down.
  • You can use this site to help you find the correct number (same as Heart Fragment Quest.)