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The iRO Wiki Deletion Policy describes how material which does not meet the relevant content criteria is identified and removed from the wiki.

Criteria for Deletion


  • Advertising or other spam of any kind
  • Content outside the scope of Ragnarok Online
  • Content from private Ragnarok Online servers
  • Copyright infringement
  • Articles displaying confirmed-false hoaxes regarding game mechanics
  • Redirect abuse of any kind
  • Patent nonsense or gibberish
  • Personal information about any individual which was not provided by said individual
  • Vandalism that is not correctable by other means


  • Images that are unused or obsolete
  • User vanity images
  • Inappropriate or obscene images
  • As a result of the Use iRO Policy, non-iRO images will be deleted if an iRO version, that serves the same purpose, is already available.

User Pages

  • Inappropriate user pages


  • Redundant templates

Deletion Process

All wiki moderators may, at any time, delete any article or file in the enforcement of the above criteria. If a non-moderator would like to see a particular article deleted, it should be marked using Template:Delete so that a wiki moderator may consider it.

Undeletion Process

If you believe a wiki moderator has acted in error by deleting a particular article or file, you are encouraged to make a post in the Discussion on the matter. If consensus of editors determines that the article was in fact not violating any of the above criteria for deletion, it will be restored.