Ice Dungeon Leveling Event (2010/09/02) ~ (2010/09/16)

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The following NPC can be temporarily found in the Ice Dungeon. They will give the player a choice of how many monsters they wish to hunt at a time. 50, 100, or 150 monsters can be hunted. EXP rewarded per kill is the same for all three amounts (i.e. Killing 100 monsters gives twice as much experience as killing 50), as well as being the same gained when normally killing a monster (effectively making leveling on the monsters equal to 2x EXP). Valkyrie has rewards equal to 1x, while Ymir has rewards equal to 1.5x.

  • Note: Each quest is repeatable so long as the player remains within the level limits.
  • Note: Mercenary kills will not increase your kill count!
NPC Location Minimum Level Maximum Level Monster Base EXP Reward (50) Job EXP Reward (50) Base EXP Per Monster Job EXP Per Monster
Ice Titan Snowman (ice_dun03 154, 27) 70 99 Ice Titan 693,600 396,400 13,872 7,928
Siroma Snowman (ice_dun01 156, 25) 50 80 Siroma 111,500 50,250 2,230 1,005