Jumping Janeway

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Jumping Janeway Event Work in Progress!


Cathy Janeway is a experienced military leader who sails the seas of Rune Midgard to find new lands and new trading opportunities. She periodically visits the Rune-Midgarts kingdom to bring her special brand of extreme training to rapidly level new adventurers up to a high level. You can find her on the bridge connecting Izlude and South Prontera Field.
When you speak to her, she will give you a monster hunt mission to complete and teleport you to the location where you can hunt them. When you complete this and speak to her again she will reward you by jumping you up multiple levels and (if you are playing a non extended class character) with appropriate equipment.


Jumping Janeway is located at

. She will offer quests based on your level and teleport you to the related map. If you complete these quests as a Pre-Trans character, she will have these flagged as completed for Trans and jump you through those quests without needing to do the kill objectives a second time.

If you are doing Janeway on a 2nd class character who has not completed any of the lower level quests, she may look at your current job level and send you to lower level quests to jump only your job level until you reach the job level she expects you to be for the next turn ins. Example: a level 70/20 Assassin would be asked to kill Zombies and Skeletons to reach job 30, Elder Willows to reach job 40, and then Orcs to reach job 50 before being given Kaphas to reach base 99. The Savages kill quest will be skipped and given when the character reach level 55/50 on transcendent classes.

The Quest log numbers for the killing quests will be marked in a (#) beside the quest number below because they have no real proper ordering.

Jumping Janeway Request 1 (1) - Kill 5 Poring - Reward: Base and Job 10 (Novice / High Novice only) After completing job change and returning to her, she will give you a small amount of job experience for changing classes which should bring you to job 5. Being a Doram will skip this and give you the job exp right away.

Jumping Janeway Request 2 (2) - Kill 20 Zombie + Kill 20 Skeleton - Reward: Base 35 Job 30

Jumping Janeway Request 3 (4) - Kill 50 Elder Willow - Reward: Base 45 and Job 40

Jumping Janeway Request 4 (6) - Kill 50 Orc Warrior + Kill 25 Orc Lady - Reward: Base 55 and Job 50 (Summoner will need to click many times to fill in job to job 50 to unlock next quest)

Jumping Janeway Request 5 (7) - Kill 100 Savage - Reward: Base 70

Jumping Janeway Request 6 (7) - Kill 100 Kapha - Reward: Base 99 and Job 50 (70 if trans or some expanded classes).