Lunar New Year Event (2008/02/05) ~ (2008/02/12)

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Lunar New Year Event (2008/02/05) ~ (2008/02/12)
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): Rice Pouch
Item(s): Varies
  1. Inside the Payon Inn, Speak with Rice Mill Grandma. She complains about rodents that have stolen all her rice pouches.
    Lunar Rice Grandma.jpg
  2. Bring her a rice pouch. (Dropped by Cramp, Martin, & Tarou)
  3. She asks you to take the rice pouch to her son.
  4. Just outside, give the rice pouch to her son. He will process it into Sweet Rice.
    Lunar Rice Man.jpg
  5. Take the rice back to the Grandma. She will reward you with one of the following:
    • 3 Hearty Rice Cake
    • 2 Lucky Rice Cake
    • 2 Honey Pastry
    • 2 Sesame Pastry
    • 3 Salty Rice Cake
    • 3 Plain Rice Cake
    • 2 Rainbow Cake
    • 2 Korean Rice Cake (Weighs 1, Description error)
    • 1 Green Maiden Pet Egg (Given along with one of the other items)
    • 1 Red Envelope (Given along with one of the other items after the player has received the Egg)
  • Green Maiden
    • Food Mojji can be found in payon (126,113). 10 Mojii for 3,000 Zeny. The NPC will only sell Mojji to characters who have received an Egg from the Grandma.
Lunar Pet Food.jpg
  • Note: The Green Maiden Pet Egg can only be awarded once per character.