Memory of Professor Worm

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Memory of Professor Worm
Base Level: 120
Item(s) (Consumed): 30 Star Shape Mushrooms (Quest item)
Hunting: Variable Count Petals, 15 Lichterns (Blue)
Base Experience: 1,100,000
Job Experience: 700,000
Item(s): 1 Splendide Coin

1. Find Professor Worm on the 4th floor of Bifrost Tower ecl_tdun042639. Choose the first option and then the second one to start the quest.

2. In order to retrieve his memory, Professor Worm will ask you to search his portrait by investigating the Bookshelves on the 4th floor of the Bifrost Tower. Keep walking near the bookshelves until you get a message saying you found his portrait.

3. Eliminate Petals from the Flower Blooming Land and collect 20 Star Shape Mushrooms. Return to Professor Worm.

4. Search for Professor Worm's records on the walls of the Bifrost Tower. There are a total of 5 records within this room. Talk to Professor Worm after obtaining the records.

5. Find the Diary Frog No.3 on the 3rd Floor of Bifrost Tower ecl_tdun032169.

6. Find the Diary Frog No.6 on the 1st Floor of Bitfrost Tower ecl_tdun012379.

7. Eliminate 15 Lichtern (blue) on the 1st Floor of the Bitfrost Tower. Talk again to Diary Frog No.6 after eliminating the Lichterns.

8. Talk to Dairy Frog No.30 near the entrance of Bifrost Tower. It will ask you to gather 10 more Star Shape Mushrooms from Petals. Return to Dairy Frog No.30 afterwards.

9. Report to Professor Worm and receive reward of 1 Splendide Coin, 1,100,000 EXP and 700,000 JEXP.