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NPC Skill Icon.png Slow Cast
Type: Active Skill
Levels: 5
Duration: 30 seconds
Target: Self
Area: 5x5 ~ 29x29
Status: Slow Casting
Status Icon: I SlowCast.png

Slow Cast (Alt: Slow Cast) is an unique active skill exclusive to monsters.


Places an unique debuff on all players in a set area around the user for 30 seconds that lengthens their Variable Cast Time.

Level VCT Extension Area of Effect
1 20% 5x5
2 40% 11x11
3 60% 17x17
4 80% 23x23
5 100% 29x29


  • The effect stacks additively. So if the target has stats and equipment that let them shorten their Variable Cast Time to 20%, then this skill at Level 5 will extend it to 120%.


Bestowed from

  • Tooth Blade - Level 1; Autocast on target when physically attacking

Known by