Pintados Festival Event

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Pintados Festival Event
Base Level: None
Item(s) (Consumed): All server:
6497.png 1000 Lesser Agimat
6502.png 1000 Lesser Agimat
982.png 200 Dyestuffs
(Any colour)
Quest Reward(s): Starting a Pintados Festival

The Pintados Festival is a special triggered event which unlocks an NPC that will use items from Port Malaya MVP’s to craft powerful Tattoos (accessories) for the players.

  • On IRO, the festival is always active. Players will be able to make the tattoo at any time, without having to start the festival below.
  1. In Port Malaya, talk to the Festival Helper Boy ma_fild01179260 and help him collect the materials needed to prepare for the Pintados Festival. Once the server collects enough ingredients the Pintados Festival will begin.
  2. Ask “How many did you collect?” to find out how many festival materials the server has given the NPC.
  3. The server needs to gather the following materials together and give them to the NPC:
  4. Once you’ve collected the items, talk to the Festival Helper Boy again and select “Brought back a lost belonging” to give him the items you’ve found (you can turn in 50x of an item at a time).
  5. Once the server has given the NPC the Pintados Festival will begin and will last (on avg.) 7 Days.

Pintados Festival Tattoos

Once the Pintados Festival has started, you can talk to the Tattooist NPC and have him create powerful Agimat Tattoo Accessories. The Tattooist can be found near the Festival Helper Boy in Barrio Mahiwaga outside Port Malaya ma_fild01172223.

NOTE: ALWAYS select the option “… … …”. Otherwise you’ll interrupt the process causing the tattoo creation to fail, and lose the crafting materials you gave the Tattooist.

  1. Find the Tattooist ma_fild01172223 and tell him “You need a Tattoo”.
  2. Then choose which Tattoo you want. You have 3 Tattoos to choose from:
    1. 2911.png Bangungot Agimat Tattoo
    2. 2907.png Buwaya Agimat Tattoo
    3. 2910.png Bakonawa Agimat Tattoo