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Revolution Quest

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Revolution Quest
Base Level: N/A
Party: 8 Characters, including 1 with a Pushcart
Item(s): 1 Red Envelope/Person

1. Find the residence of the hermit in Louyang louyang13060.

2. Enter the building, and then talk to the Hermit.

  • Note: You must have a party to continue.

3. Add one party member each time you talk to the hermit. The party members also need join the revolution by speaking to the NPC.

  • If you add more than one party member at a time, the hermit will give you a warning.

5. When reach the target (have 8 party members), the Hermit will explain the next mission.

6. The Hermit will give you 8 Mud Lump, 8 Lava, 8 Burn Tree, and tell players go to find Hao QianLiu

7. All party members need go to Louyang to find Hao QianLiu louyang218252. To pass the soldier you need to have a merchant type character put the items in their push cart.

8. Find Hao QianLiu, ( lou_in01 43 147) ask him to help make gunpowder (Each character must create the gunpowder with the materials). All party members need to be online at the same time to make the gunpowder.

9. After making the gunpowder, go back to talk to the Hermit. Put the gunpowder in the push cart again to pass the soldier.

10. Give the gunpowder to the Hermit (On fRO, the leader of the party should give all the gunpowder and is given 8 Red Envelope). Your mission is complete and you will receive a Red Envelope for each party member.