Rock Ridge Coin

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Howard har_n013481 will exchange Rock Ridge Coin for equipments and costumes.

Rock Ridge Coin can also be use for Rock Ridge Enchants


Part Rock Ridge Coin Item(s)
Armor 24
15177.png Elemental Robe
15178.png Golden Ninja Suit
15179.png Mine Worker's Vest
15180.png Hippie Clothe
15176.png Vigilante Suit
Garment 150
20834.png Drifter's Cape
Shoe 150
22131.png Spurred Boots [1]
Weapon 180
16060.png Liquor Bottle [3]
26107.png Elder Staff [3]
Costume 100
31140.png Costume: Black Cowboy Hat
31141.png Costume: Cactus Corsage