Rumor, Time and Legend

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Rumor, Time and Legend
Base Level: 120
Quest Prerequisite(s): Cautious Village
Base Experience: 500,000 VIP750000
Job Experience: 200,000 VIP300000
Item(s): 6499.png 3 Ancient Grudge
  1. In Port Malaya, speak with the Old Legend Teller malaya285332. He tells you that the old lady has come back to life as Bakonawa and will soon be taking vengeance to the village.
  2. Ask him about calming down Bakonawa. After his explanation, offer him for help. He tells you that there is a Slate Piece he left but it is small, damaged, and hard to identify. He tells you that his granddaughter holds the piece. Meet his granddaughter near the harbor.
  3. Speak the Old Man's Granddaughter near the harbor malaya304100. She asks you why would you need something that is barely recognizable. She gives you the Old Slate Piece (not seen in your inventory).
  4. Give the slate piece to the Old Legend Teller and he wants you to track down a wandering merchant. Having absolutely no idea where to start and being trembled of the spirits that haunts the forest, he asks you to visit an immigrant that lives at the north-western part of the forest to gather information about the wandering merchant.
  5. Find the Malaya Immigrant ma_fild0240240 at the north-western part of the forest. Speak with him and he tells you that he heard Bakonawa has been threatening the villagers.
    Malaya-mf02 MalayaImmigrant.png
  6. Ask him to tell the story. He tells you that the wooden doll is supposed to chase evil spirits away and according to rumors, the wandering merchant moved to Baryo Mahiwaga.
  7. Go to Baryo Mahiwaga and speak the Malaya Immigrant ma_fild01165237 and ask him about the tale. Listen to his story and him that you want to see the record. He suggests you to investigate a stone near him.
    Malaya-mf01 MalayaImmigrant.png
  8. Walk near the stone and a message will pop-out. You find the that damage is severe making the record unidentifiable. You also find out that when you insert the slate piece into a hole, it seems like it's a puzzle. Though the message on the stone is not very clear, you attempt to read it.
  9. After what you've read from the stone. You decide to tell it to the Old Legend Teller.
  10. Return to the Old Legend Teller and tell him what you read. He asks you if you can defeat Bakonawa. Accept his request and he rewards you with 3 Ancient Grudge as a sign of gratitude. He also tells the Village Chief to grant you access to the lake where Bakonawa resides.