Snowysnow Quest

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Snowysnow Quest
Base Level: N/A (None?)
Item(s) (Consumed): 1024.png 1 Squid Ink
938.png 1 Sticky Mucus
Item(s): Random (See List)

Note: Names on Transcendence server are different, Snowysnow is just Snowman, Duffle is Debra, and Poze is Christmas Youngman Peterson, Uncle Hairy is Hairy Uncle Kan, Thachentze is Generous Old Lady Mima, and the Kids Charlie and Marsha, the quest chain and placement are the exact same as on Renewal server

  1. Find Snowysnow xmas133112 the snowman in Lutie.
    • Select the option in blue that reads "Snowysnow?" ("What is Snowman?" on Transcendence server)
    • You may need to talk to him a couple of times, but when he is immersed in thought about Poze, you need to find him.
    • Note: If you are doing this quest as part of the Bard Job Change, you have to speak to Duffle xmas189275 inside the top right house and then talk to Snowysnow again to activate Poze.
  2. Poze xmas117303 is located to the west of the Toy Factory entrance, he is wearing a red Christmas coat. Talk to Poze and he will send you to talk to Uncle Hairy Cantata.
  3. Uncle Hairy xmas177236 is located to the southeast of the Toy Factory entrance, outside a house. When you talk to him, he will want you to bring two items to him before he will talk to you.
  4. Return to Hairy with these items and he will talk to you about the snowman, and suggests that you talk to Thachentze to learn more.
  5. Thachentze xmas122159 is in a house to the west of the large Christmas tree. In the house you'll find a Lenient Aunt. This is Thachentze, talk to her.
  6. She will send you to get the Roughest Salt in the world from the snowman. So return to the snowman and talk to him again.
  7. When you talk to the snowman again, select the first option, the one in blue. This will lead you though a dialogue, and at the end, you get the salt.
  8. Return to Thachentze and talk to her again, she will then send you to talk to the clown Hashokii xmas147136.
  9. Hashokii is just to the south of the big Christmas tree. Talk to him and ask him about the snowman. He will then send you to talk to two children, Charu Charu and Marcell (207,167).
  10. The two children are east of the tree xmas207169. Be sure to talk to the Little Boy first. He will then tell you to talk to the girl next to him.
  11. At the end of the girl's monologue, she will send you back once more to talk to the snowman. Again, select the blue option. The snowman will give you a gift from his bag; reach in and you get a present!