St. Patrick's Day Event Quest (2008/03/11) ~ (2008/03/18)

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St. Patrick's Day Event Quest (2008/03/11) ~ (2008/03/18)
Base Level: None/Unknown
Item(s) (Consumed): 200 Firecracker
Base Experience: 200,000
Job Experience: 70,000
Item(s): Green Ale for Coins

The Lost Gold

  1. Speak to Anxious Leprechaun (O'Riley the Leprechaun) at (prt_fild05 170, 286). He hid his gold so the snakes couldn't find it this year. However, he can't open his hiding place, he needs you to fetch 200 Firecracker to blast it open.
    • Note: Firecracker can be purchased in sets of 5 for 500z inside the Party Supplies Shop in Hugel (91, 104).
  2. Take the Firecrackers to (mjolnir_01 271, 363). In order for the quest to proceed properly, the player must walk by this spot and follow the message prompts that pop up. Doing this successfully consumes all 200 Firecrackers, causes the Lord of Vermillion skill animation, and you will gain the item Treasure Box. Return to O'Riley with the Treasure Box.
    • Note: If you are over 50% weight you will not be able to get the Treasure Box.
  3. After returning the Treasure Box to O'Riley, he asks you to rest, then speak to him again.
    • Gain 200,000 Base & 70,000 Job Exp
  4. He asks you to retrieve his kinsmen's coins from the filthy snakes, he will gladly exchange his magical brew for coins.
    • 1 Green Ale for 1 Gold Coin or 5 Silver Coins or 10 Bronze Coins
    • Note: Players can only get a maximum of 20 Green Ale at a time from O'Riley when exchanging coins.

Snakes locations

Map Name Snakes Map
gef_fild00 Boa St Pats Map.jpg
gef_fild04 Boa
gef_fild06 Side Winder Isis
gef_fild07 Boa
gef_fild14 Side Winder Isis
mjolnir_01 Boa Anacondaq
mjolnir_02 Side Winder Isis
mjolnir_03 Side Winder Isis
mjolnir_05 Side Winder Isis
mjolnir_09 Anacondaq
moc_fild07 Boa
moc_fild08 Anacondaq
moc_fild10 Boa
moc_fild12 Boa
moc_fild13 Boa Anacondaq Side Winder Isis
moc_fild14 Side Winder Isis
pay_fild01 Boa
pay_fild02 Boa
pay_fild03 Boa
pay_fild05 Side Winder Isis
pay_fild06 Anacondaq
pay_fild07 Anacondaq
pay_fild08 Anacondaq
pay_fild11 Side Winder Isis
prt_fild00 Boa
prt_fild01 Boa
prt_fild02 Anacondaq
prt_fild05 Boa
prt_fild06 Boa
prt_fild08 Boa