Stop Metto's Research

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Stop Metto's Research
Base Level: None
Item(s): 10 Yellow Gemstones -OR- 5 Blue Gemstones
  1. Proceed to the item shop in Juno (yuno 196, 138) and talk to Weigon yuno_in011730. He will ask for help in solving a problem with the Mad Scientist Metto.
    • Junoitemshop.jpg
    • Weigon.jpg
  2. Proceed to the Monster Museum in Juno (yuno 278, 293) and talk to Metto yuno_in032639. Stop him from making his experiments.
    • Metohouse.jpg
  3. Find Stangle yuno51151yuno_in011795 and stop his experiment.
    • Stanglehouse.jpg
  4. Return to Metto.
  5. Find Kapto yuno51105yuno_in0119183 and stop his experiment, too.
    • Kaptohouse.jpg
  6. Return to Metto.
  7. Find Shishi in the Sage Test building yuno323280yuno_in0317843.
    • Shishihouse.jpg
  8. Return to Metto, and he will claim that he won't do any research again.
  9. Return to Weigon and he will give 10 Yellow Gemstones or 5 Blue Gemstones as a reward.