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Strange Hydra Quest

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Strange Hydra Quest
Base Level: Unknown
Item(s): Light Blue Potions
Quest Reward(s): +5 DEX, LUK, & VIT for 20 minutes
  1. In Brasilis, talk to Lucia (192, 133), who asks if you're here to hunt the Strange Hydra. If you want to, she will give you a Hydra Ball and tell you to use it one to capture it.
    • Note: You can obtain multiple Hydra Balls (saving time if the tame fails) by dropping any you have and talking to her again.
  2. Find a Strange Hydra (located on the sand in Brasilis) and attempt to capture it with the Hydra Ball (the process is the same as taming a Cute Pet would be).
  3. Once you succeed in capturing a Hydra, return it to Lucia. She rewards you with 3 Light Blue Potions, and gives you bonuses to DEX, LUK, and VIT for 20 minutes. She tells you to come back the next day to return another Hydra.