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On Removing the "WoE build" from the Minstrel build page:

While this is a classic WoE build, the game's changed. 100 vit, and 35 base int is simply NOT the best build for PvP-WoE. Any PvP raid party will complain at the "weak strings," and between a minstrel's low hp modifier and AD's damage formula; the build can be easily one shotted. At the very least, move the 80 vit 60 int in as the "WoE build" and move the 100 vit to some "traditional build page."

  • endnitpick*

Marloe, please sign your entries in all discussion page so we will keep track on all who participated on the discussion in the long run.

On builds, we could put in ranges instead of actual values so it will be still on the reader's discretion. after all they are just supposed to be suggested values and "unwritten build rules" really don't make the cut as an argument on builds.--Mieruu 03:52, 28 February 2007 (CST)

Clown - WoE build

The WoE build proposed seems to be really old, I'd rather get more INT and less DEX since Arrow Vulcan became kind of ineffective during WoE and around 80~85 base DEX is enough to spam Tarot. More INT would greatly reduce after cast delay and allow snipers/creators to spam Falcon Assault and Acid Demonstration faster. I personally get 97 total VIT, ~80 base INT, ~80 base DEX, 15-20 total STR (for the weight). A good Clown should focus on refreshing his three songs on the team (being full support) and spam some Tarot if there is another Clown in the team or a Soul Link. The support (pvm?) build should also have more INT and less DEX since it's not necessary to be no-cast for supporting a team.

(Speaking about pre-renewal. I don't know if the renewal mechanics change anything about this)