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*God Strength Critical STR: 99+ AGI: 60+ VIT: 40-50 INT: 1 ***DEX: 1 LUK: 10+ (or more) Skills: .... ***Double Attack ....

How many sense in double attack with 1 dex...? For critical build?! o___O

not sure if Expanded Super Novice should stay here

I think this page will get too big with the new data, in my opinion we should create a new page for the expansion...

The problem with that is that while I suppose it's technically a separate class, for practical purposes I think it should be treated as one class. If that means the page is a bit on the longish side, that's just what TOC is for! It can be split into sections for Regular SN and Expanded SN. --Resplendent 10:19, 28 August 2011 (MDT)

+2k HP

I participated the bRO sakray and when the SN gets to 150 there is +2000 HP bonus, but i think is better wait to someone in non-sakray servers get lvl 150 to be sure if this is right

I guess I got an idea for a Templar Aspirant Super Novice

99 STR and leftovers to VIT, Angelus, Blessing, Sword Mastery, the HP/SP passives, Teleport Lv2 just in case, Owl Eye (The DEX passive), Angelic set, dunno which cards and the Star Dust Blade. Without adding DEX, you'd have 1 +10 from Blessing, +10 from Owl Eye and +10 from job bonuses. Could work against PvM.

Critical? Don't think we'll need. Flee? I'll pass.

[!] I got an update to remark!

I went the opposite way, being level 70 with 99 VIT and this happened. oE2U0gq.jpg

Before you ask, yes, it's a spanish server. Damage before dying and AFTER dying at 99% EXP (The Steel Body trick, y'know) with Angelus ongoing and (probably) Assumptio (Took the screenshot after dying a second time and returning to Prontera). Noctoblade (talk) 07:12, 15 December 2017 (UTC)