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Temporary Event Kill Quest

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This page content info about Temporary Event Quest that require a player to kill a certains amount of monsters in exchange of experiences.

  • Note: Each quest is repeatable so long as the player remains within the level limits.
  • Note: Mercenary kills will not increase your kill count!


See the Dragon Hunting Event Quest page for information.

Leaf Cat

  • Note: Users wearing the Leaf Cat Hat will gain bonus for the event. Read the hat description.
  • Note: Users wearing the Leaf Cat Hat can be warped to the following NPCs from another one in Eden Headquarter.
NPC Location Minimum Level Maximum Level Monster Amount Base EXP Reward (Kills) Job EXP Reward (Kills)
Lilla (ayo_fild02 277, 144) 40 80 Leaf Cat 150 - 300 ? (300) ? (300)