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The Old Man & The Cast-Iron Cauldron

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The Old Man & The Cast-Iron Cauldron
Base Level: 100
Quest Prerequisite(s): Cautious Village
Base Experience: 200,000
Job Experience: 200,000
Item(s): 6497.png 1 Lesser Agimat (Non-VIP)

6497.png 2 Lesser Agimat (VIP)

  1. Speak with Old Man Nardo and ask about The Old Man and The Cast-Iron Pot.
  2. He will then ask you to deliver Cast-Iron Cauldrons to Kiko in Mumbaki at Baryo Mahiwaga.
  3. Respond to his request and he will hand over 5 Cast-Iron Cauldrons.
  4. Find Kiko in Baryo Mahiwaga and give him the cauldrons. Receive 5 Spiritual Protections.
  5. Return to Nardo. He will reward you with EXP, Job EXP and 1 Lesser Agimat.