The Song of Iara

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The Song of Iara
Base Level: Unknown
Item(s) (Consumed): 20 Mermaid's Heart, 10 Leopard Claw, 3 Ancient Lips
Quest Prerequisite(s): Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest (Optional Portion)
Item(s): 2 Purification Potion
Quest Reward(s): 60 Minutes of +10 CRIT (Optional)
  1. Speak to the Shaman in northeast Brasilis (315, 334). She complains about a water nymph stealing all of the tribe's young men. She needs some items to produce a cure for the young men.
  2. Return with those items and receive 2 Purification Potion.
  3. Players can then choose to take a Purification Potion with them and talk to Iara on the second floor of the Brasilis Dungeon (bra_dun02 157,74). She will use it to endow the character with 60 minutes of +10 CRIT.
    • Note: If you have no Purification Potions, she will inflict Confusion or Curse ailments on the player during 1 minute.