Troublesome Fairies

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Troublesome Fairies
Base Level:
Item(s) (Consumed): 511.png 11 Green Herb

6558.png 10 Pile of Acorn
1097.png 10 Worn Out Page
7001.png 10 Mould Powder
905.png 1 Stem
1016.png 2 Rat Tail

Hunting: 20 Menblatt
Base Experience: 1,250,000
Item(s): 12812.png 1 Snow Flip

12815.png 1 Yggdrasil Dust
12814.png 1 Slapping Herb
12813.png 1 Peony Mommy
6081.png 2 Splendide Coin

  1. Find Eirinn in the Clinic located at the West Side of the Eclage Plaza ecl_in0216037.
  2. Find Bourbon in the East Side Portal of the Eclage Plaza ecl_in0317469.
    • You will receive a quest to hunt 20 Memblatt.
    • Head back to Bourbon and receive 2 Splendide Coin and 100,000 EXP as a reward.
  3. Find Cecilia in the Eclage Plaza ecl_in012788.
  4. Talk to Cecilia again.
    • Go to Bourbon and Eirinn and ask about the books.
    • Get 50,000 EXP after the dialog. Return to Cecilia afterwards.
  5. Talk to Dominic in the Eclage Plaza ecl_in017977.
  6. Return to Cecilia and get 100,000 EXP. Talk to Eirinn next.
  7. Eirinn will ask for 1 Stem and 1 Green Herb.
    • You will receive 1 Weeds as a reward.
  8. Plant the near the bookshelves in the Eclage Plaza ecl_in017985 and get 300,000 EXP as a reward.
  9. Talk to Bourbon and exchange 2 Rat Tail for 1 Tiny Mouse Tail.
    • Give the Tiny Mouse Tail to Dominic and receive 300,000 EXP.