Turtle Island Treasure Quest

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Turtle Island Treasure Quest
Base Level: None
Item(s): 5 Banana Juice -OR- 1 Red Gemstone -OR- 1 Dead Branch (Non-Repeatable)
  1. Talk to the Scholar in Alberta alberta24890.
  2. Read the Voyage Log alberta24793 twice. (Note that the object is invisible, so hover around a bit.)

Read carefully for the coordinates of treasure's location because its only show up once. There is three possible positions

3a. If it mentions the Log

  • Go to the mentioned position on turtle island surface tur_dun0116079 and open the box with the skull key from the Log. You'll get 5 Banana Juice.

3b. If it mentions the Turtle Tree Root

  • The Turtle Tree Root is located at tur_dun02132249, then to the Pile of Turtle Crystalstur_dun0246123and finally to the Turtle Pillar tur_dun0251155. There you'll get a Red Gemstone.

3c. If it mentions the Turtle Stone

  • First stone is at turtle island surface tur_dun01203153. It will direct to the second stone tur_dun0275247, then go to the third stone on the second floortur_dun03118231 and finally arrive the last stone beside the entrance of third floortur_dun04111178. You'll get a Dead Branch