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This equipment is all in the GRF, but cannot be obtained through any "normal" means (i.e. it must be GM created). This list does not include (possible) future or formerly sold limited edition Kafra Shop items, other RO's event items, iRO Misc event items, future update items, or items not in the iRO GRF. A large amount of these items were created specifically for GM's only, such as the Balmung, the Angra Manyu, the Ahura Mazdah, and Lord Kaho's Horn. All four of these either give impossibly good stats (Such as +3800 atk from the Angra, and 99 def and mdef from the Ahura), or specifically name GM's in their description. (The Balmung and Lord Kaho's Horn)

Usable Items






Misc Items