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Madogear is a class of magic-powered, armored suit that can only be worn by mechanics. While wearing it, mechanics gain the ability to use madogear-exclusive skills, but lose the ability to use all non-mechanic skills.

Mounting and dismounting

You can rent madogear for free from the Magic Gear Master in Prontera, at (163, 178), providing you have level 1 or higher of Madogear License. To dismount madogear, open your equipment window then click 'off'.


The following skills can only be used while wearing madogear:

Name Gear Requirement Consumed Items
Acceleration Accelerator 1 Magic Gear Fuel
Analyze None 1 Magic Gear Fuel
Arm Cannon None 1 Magic Gear Fuel
1 Cannon Ball
Back Slide None 1 Magic Gear Fuel
Cooldown Cooling Device 2 Magic Gear Fuel
Elemental Shift Shape Shifter 2 Magic Gear Fuel
1 Elemental Point
Flame Launcher Flame Thrower 1 Magic Gear Fuel
Front Slide None 1 Magic Gear Fuel
Hover Hovering Booster 1 Magic Gear Fuel
Ice Launcher None 1 Magic Gear Fuel
1 Liquid Condensed Bullet
Infrared Scan None None
Knuckle Boost None None
Magnetic Field Magnetic Field Generator 3 Magic Gear Fuel
Neutral Barrier Barrier Builder 1 Magic Gear Fuel
Pile Bunker None None
Repair Repair Kit 1 Magic Gear Fuel
Stealth Field Camouflage Generator 2 Magic Gear Fuel
Suicidal Destruction Suicidal Device 5 Magic Gear Fuel
Vulcan Arm None 1 Vulcan Bullet

All of the skills can only be cast when the required gear is in your inventory. Exception: Hover skill requires you to equip the Hovering Booster.

All of the madospecific gears can be purchased from the Black Marketeer in the Prontera armory, at (175, 137).


If your Madogear receives too much damage, it will overheat and you will be inflicted with the overheat status. You can increase the damage threshold of your Madogear by learning Remodel Mainframe, and prevent infliction of the status by using Cooldown.

Note: Overheat is not fatal, but will lower the player to 1 hp continuously until the Madogear is removed or Cooldown is used.


Receiving skills:

When wearing madogear, the player is unable to receive certain supportive skills, such as:

However, the player can receive Increase Agility from Cantocandidus.

**Note:When Coluseo skill is cast within a party, the Heal will stop being delivered depending on the Partymember list, from top to bottom. For example: If the Mado Mechanic is party member #3, no heal will be delivered to party members 3-12. This seems to be a bug that also can be seen when a party member receives Undead Status. It is recommended to put any Madogear Mechanics to the bottom of the party.

Using skills:

When wearing MadoGear, the player is unable to actively cast non-Mechanic skills. However, there are exceptions.

The following non-mechanic skills can be cast by a MadoGear user:

  • Greed
  • Skills that are cast by using an item/scroll (unless it's a skill you can't receive - see above) such as:

Note: Skills enabled by equipments, such as Heal from Vitata Card, can't be used. Skills that don't work on madogear users in general, such as Heal, Increase Agility and Adrenaline Rush, only work when being auto-cast with Equipments.

Note: The lists are incomplete.