2009 Valentine's Day Event (2009/02/10) ~ (2009/02/24)

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Ring Exchange

2009 Valentine's Day Event (2009/02/10) ~ (2009/02/24)
Base Level: 75
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Wrapping Paper, 1 Wrapping Lace, 1 Box
Zeny: 1000
Item(s): Silver or Gold Ring of Valentine

1. Talk to Event Ring Maker prontera154185 in Prontera. She will make a Valentine Gift Box using 1 Wrapping Paper, 1 Wrapping Lace, 1 Box, and 1000 Zeny.

  • Wrapping Paper, Wrapping Lace, and Box can be purchased from Packs Trader in Prontera (147, 171).

2. Give your ring to a character of the opposite gender.

3. To turn in your ring, talk to Valentine Vote Manager prontera157185. The two characters (one of each gender) with the most "votes" will receive a special 1-year Valentine's Emblem accessory at the conclusion of the event. The top 10 vote-getters on each server will also have their names entered into the iRO website's Hall of Honor.

Chocolate Making