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2011 Christmas Event

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2011 Christmas Event
Base Level: 30
Item(s) (Consumed): 10 Piece of Red Fabric
Item(s): 1 Rudolf Hairband, 3 Cookie Bag, 5 Christmas Music Boxes
  • Note: This quest was horribly translated by kRO. iRO decided to leave it alone as a small joke.
  1. In the center of Prontera, talk with Quercus prontera149176.
  2. He'll ask you to collect 10 Piece of Red Fabric from the Sock Stealing Raccoons. These Raccoons can be found on most maps that have monsters along with Santa Porings, Antonios and Gift Stealing Raccoons.
  3. Take the 10 Piece of Red Fabric back to Quercus.
  4. He'll give you 5 Christmas Music Boxes.
  5. Talk to Quercus again. He'll ask you to find Castanea to get some Shiny Beads or to find Prius to get a Star Decoration.
  6. Find Castanea or Pyrus near (both are near Geffen 113, 148).
    • Castanea's Quest:
    1. Before she gives you the Shiny Beads, she wants you to get a present she hid for Juniper.
    2. Walk between the two carts behind him near Bean Geffen204173 to find a Striped Sock.
    3. Take it back to Castanea and you'll be chastised for not wrapping it. Agree that it's all your fault and you'll be asked to find the wrapping paper Castanea hid.
    4. Head to northwest Geffen near Geffen27156. You must walk on this spot to trigger a dialogue. You will find another Unknown Item (presumably the Wrapping Paper).
    5. Go back and talk to Castanea again. You'll finally receive the Shining Beads.
    • Pyrus' Quest
    1. Pyrus and Kaki wants you to collect 5 stolen cookies and 5 stolen candy canes from the Sock Stealing Raccoons (again).
    2. Return the items and they'll tell you to talk to Citrus Geffen98196.
    3. Citrus will give you 3 santa's bag.
    4. Go back to Kaki and receive 3 more santa's bag and a Star Decoration.
  7. Head back to Prontera and talk to Quercus again. He'll ask you to go see Santa in Lutie, and give you 3 Cookie Bag.
  8. Head to Lutie and enter Santa's House near lutie146238. Inside, talk to Little Santa (the woman standing next to Santa Claus).
  9. Ask her if Prontera Church is a gift for the Raccoons and she'll rebuke you for your stupidity. Instead, she'll give you 5 Yam. Say that you'll feed them to the Raccoons.
  10. Go back out to Lutie and feed each of the Raccoons near lutie144217 one Yam each.
  11. Go back inside and talk to Little Santa again. She'll ask you to report back to Quercus in Prontera.
  12. Talk to Quercus and he'll decide that Sweet Potatoes will help them take over Prontera Church. He'll give you a Rudolf Hairband for helping them.

Louise Costume Box

  1. Speak to Louise Kim (89,92) in Santa's house (142,237) in Lutie
  2. She requires the following items to make a Louise Costume Box:

Louise Costume Box: Santa's Bag Cool Summer Outfit

Note: Santa Suit/Summer Outfit only lasts for 10 minutes