2012 Christmas Event

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2012 Christmas Event
Base Level: ?
Item(s) (Consumed): 1 Milk, 5 Well-baked Cookie, 1 Needle Packet and 50 Piece of Red Fabric
Hunting: 1 Antonio
Base Experience: 500,000 VIP750000
Job Experience: 400,000 VIP600000
Item(s): Rudolf Santa Hat

Helping Santa Deliver Christmas on time

  1. Talk to Frantic Child near the Christmas tree in Lutie (142, 133) and ask about Santa needing help.
  2. Now go to Santa Claus in Lutie (198, 253) and agree to help.
  3. Talk to Santa's Helper directly to the right and have her warp you to Lutie Field.
  4. Talk to the Holiday Helper and hunt 1 Antonio.
  5. Return to the Holiday Helper and have him warp you back to Santa.
  6. Talk to Santa and he will tell you to go find his mother near the benches in Lutie.
  7. Speak with Grandma Claus in Lutie (86, 159) and she will ask you to gather 1 Milk, 5 Well-baked Cookie, 1 Needle Packet and 50 Piece of Red Fabric.
  8. After collecting all of the items return to Grandma and she will tell you to let Santa know the bag is complete.
  9. Talk to Santa Claus again and he thanks you for saving Christmas and Rewards you with 5 Well-baked Cookie.
  10. Now return to the Frantic Child and she thanks you and rewards you with 1 Named Rudolf Santa Hat.
2012 Christmas Event
Base Level: ?
Item(s) (Consumed): 10+ Stolen Candy, 10+ Stolen Cookie, 10 Bags of Selling Goods, 50+ XMAS Cookie
Hunting: Gift Stealing Raccoons, Sock Stealing Raccoons
Quest Reward(s): Polar Bear Cap, Cookie Bags, X-mas Cakes, Xmas Fireworks

Raccoons gone amok!

  1. Talk to the Shopkeeper in Lutie (172,131) and she will ask for 10 of each items: Stolen Candies, Stolen Cookies, and Bag of Selling Goods.
  2. After bringing her the items, talk to the Raccoon Hooray Clerk located inside the same house.
  3. The Raccoon Hooray Clerk will ask you to go talk to the Raccoon Hooray Captain in Prontera.
  4. Go to Prontera (149,176) and talk to the Raccoon Hooray Captain. He will ask to for at least 50 Christmas Cookies.
  5. After bringing giving the Captain 50 cookies, he will still ask you to get some more. Refuse his request and claim your reward.
  6. Talk to the Captain again and he will request you to bring him 5 of his Racoon family members who are located in Lutie.
  7. Go to Lutie and find these 5 raccoons.
  8. Talk to Raccoon Hooray's No. 2 (130,156), 5 (182,149), 12 (117,77), 20 inside(122,159), 25 inside(142,237). Each of these raccoons will ask for something. It could either be a Stolen Candy, Stolen Cookie, or Christmas Cookie.
  9. After talking to the 5 Raccoons, go back to Raccoon Hooray Captain in Prontera to get your reward.