2012 Lunar New Year Event

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2012 Lunar New Year Event
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 999.png 3 Steel
1036.png 20 Dragon Scale
1037.png 10 Dragon Tail
1035.png 4 Dragon Canine
2613.png 1 Diamond Ring
Base Experience: 1,500,000 (VIP)
1,000,000 (Non-VIP)
Job Experience: 1,200,000 (VIP)
800,000 (Non-VIP)
Item(s): 2012 -
Green Petite Egg
Copper Dragonhelm
Event Notice

The Prince of Space

  1. In Amatsu, talk to Zeldys amatsu124119.
  2. Talk to him again. Listen to his story and he will send you to find the dwarf named Mime (/navi mjo_dun01 26/288) in Mjolnir Dead Pit 1 (near the entrance to level 2).
  3. After bringing the items to Mime he will forge the weapon and bind it to your soul (It's not an actual item in your inventory).
    • Note: Mime may not talk to you at all if you bring the incorrect amount of one of the items. (No chat box appears) If this occurs double check you have at least the minimum amount of the required materials.
  4. Return to Zeldys in Amatsu and he will send you to Lacryma Den event map (Copy of gef_dun03).
    • Inside the instance are all Lacryma versions of Wraiths, Wraith Deads, and Wind Ghosts floating around.
    • Find the Cursed Sword (Mysteltainn) and defeat it.
  5. Once the sword is defeated speak to Zeldys again. He will mention the Blue Dragon holding Aeon's soul needs to be defeated in the Emerald Cave.
  6. Talk to him again and choose "Yes, I'm ready. Send me there." and he will send you to Emerald Cave event map (copy of Abyss Lake Level 3 map).
    • Inside the instance are all Emerald versions of Mimics, Gold Acidus, Red Ferus, and Green Ferus.
    • Find the Blue Acidus named "Princess Aeon's Soul" and defeat it.
    • Unlike the Lacryma Den instance, you CAN re-enter the Emerald Cave instance as many times as you want as long as you don't move onto the next step.
  7. Return to Zeldys and choose the option "I have Princess Aeon's Soul".
    • Princess Aeon will appear and grant you 750,000 Base EXP and 600,000 Job EXP for VIP, 500,000 Base EXP, 400,000 Job EXP for Non-VIP and a Green Petite Egg.
  8. Speak to Zeldys again and receive another 750,000 Base EXP and 600,000 Job EXP for VIP, 500,000 Base EXP, 400,000 Job EXP for Non-VIP and a Copper Dragonhelm.

Draco's Upgrading Service

The Gold Acidus next to Zeldys will upgrade your Copper Dragonhelm or Silver Dragonhelm.

  • The helm needs to be equipped in order for Draco to upgrade it.
  • For each upgrade attempt he will require one Copper Dragonhelm and if it fails it will not downgrade or break the helm that you are attempting to upgrade, effectively making the Copper Dragonhelm's a sort of "Safe Certificate" specific to these helms.
  • A +8 Copper Dragonhelm may be traded in for a Silver Dragonhelm and a +8 Silver Dragonhelm may be traded in for a Gold Dragonhelm.
  • Note: The headgears CAN be upgraded through normal means, using Copper Dragonhelm's to upgrade simply gives you the assurance of not downgrading or breaking the helm you are attempting to upgrade.