2013 Easter Event

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2013 Easter Event
Base Level: 45
Hunting: 50 Deviruchi
50 Dullahan
50 Nightmare Terror
or 50 Wraith Dead
Base Experience: Varies
Job Experience: Varies
Item(s): 5852.png 1 Easter Egg Shell
Event Notice

This event was implemented for the 2013 Easter holiday month, the 2015 Labor Day holiday month, and the 2021 Easter holiday month. It is currently active for 2023.

Lifting the curse

  1. Talk with Hunter Lina in Prontera. She will explain her problem. Offer to help her.
    • Talk to her again and she will give you a short-term buff.
  2. Do something about Lina's curse by killing 50 of any of the 4 monster choices.
    For most players, Wraith Dead monsters are impractical since they are mostly in the Geffen War of Emperium castle dungeons. Thus, most players must choose between Deviruchi in Geffen dungeon, Dullahans in Nifflheim, or Nightmare Terrors in level 2 of the Magma dungeon (Nogg Road). Magma dungeon is a popular leveling area and its map is well-known to those who do Gramps Turn-In quests. The least mobby of these places is Nifflheim but be warned that the monsters are above level 99. If you have a party, you can choose to fight every Nifflheim monster, but if you are solo, then using flywings to avoid fighting non-dullahan monsters is a useful tactic. If you simply want the easiest dungeon and don't want to level while getting your requisite 50 monsters, then go to Geffen dungeon.
  3. After killing the requisite number of cursed monsters, talk with Lina and listen to the BGM music related to the curse's manifestation.
    • If you have the background music turned off, use the /bgm command to toggle your BGM back on. BGM is also an option via the setup program in your ragnarok online folder.
    • If you still cannot hear audio, verify that the checkbox for "No Sound" is not selected via the setup program in the Ragnarok folder.
    • If you selected "No Sound", then you will have to close the client window and run the client again (popularly known as "relogging").
    • Simply going to the character select screen will not be enough to restore your sound if you had "No Sound" selected.
  4. After listening to Lina's BGM sample, go to one of five town maps that is related to the BGM. These town choices are: Geffen, Juno, Lutie, Rachel, and Hugel.
    If you don't remember which town Lina's BGM sample corresponds to, you'll have to visit each town until it sounds familiar to you. OR you use a little detective work instead by opening the "BGM" folder in your Ragnarok Online folder. This folder contains MP3 versions of all the BGM used by your RO client. Play the MP3 files listed below with your favourite MP3 player. If the tune sounds familiar to you, then you'll know which town you need to visit to check for Lina's curse manifestation.
    • file "13.mp3" is the "Theme of Geffen"
    • file "70.mp3" is the "Theme of Juno"
    • file "59.mp3" is the "Theme of Lutie"
    • file "94.mp3" is the "Theme of Rael" corresponding to the city of Rachel
    • file "93.mp3" is the "Latinnova" corresponding to the city of Hugel
  5. Find and click on the curse's manifestation as shown below. Many different quests use a grayish clickable spot and this quest does the same.
  6. Return to Lina, who rewards you with 5852.png 1 Easter Egg Shell, Base EXP, and Job EXP.
    • She will also give you some stat buffs (DEX, VIT, LUK) which last 20 minutes. Because of this, you might choose to do your final turn-in to Lina right before you go leveling or off in a party.
    • Any future visit will have her buff you with a short-lived Blessing and Increase AGI.
    • Her egg-shaped NPC friend (next to Lina) will start selling eggs in sets of 5, for 2,000 zeny.
    • This NPC can also create something egg-related provided you bring the materials of:
    • Randomly receive any of the items below:


  • The Easter Egg Shell has the following properties: def: -7, mdef: -7, recovers 1% of your HP every 10 seconds, flee + 2 if refined to +7 or higher, recovers 1% of your SP every 10 seconds if refined to +9 or higher.
  • Holy Eggs enable a single use of level 2 Resurrection which is superior to that of a Yggdrasil Leaf. The Holy Egg is the best resurrection item in the game (usable by a 3rd party). Also known as Saint Egg when given as a prize in the 2023 Easter Event.