2017 Christmas Event

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Nyah Humbug (iRO)

2017 Christmas Event
Base Level: 50
Item(s) (Consumed): 7038.png 1 Yarn
579.png 10 Fresh Fish
Item(s) (Not Consumed): 7175.png 20 Wrapping Paper
7174.png 20 Wrapping Lace
Item(s): 18553.png Christmas Tree Hat
  1. Speak to Retired Santa malangdo123197 in Malangdo.
    • Tell him You can't do that! but he only wants to take one year off (so he says!).
    • He will tell you to speak with Santa Claws.
    • You can reach Malangdo by talking to Odgnalam izlude180218 in Izlude or Alberta alberta197202
    • Or use a Malang SP Can
  2. Speak to Santa Claws malangdo228275 and he'll ask you to collect 1 Yarn and 10 Fresh Fish because his Kitty Helpers were playing with the supplies instead of making toys.
  3. Bring the items to Grumpy Helper malangdo228272 just below Santa Claws malangdo228272 and try to Wake Him.
  4. Speak to Santa Claws again and he'll tell you that his other helper will handle deliveries before he goes to take a nap.
  5. To the left, agree to help Cheerful Helper malangdo217274.
  6. Return to Cheerful Helper and show the collected items.
  7. Go back to Retired Santa to round up Christmas Presents since the Cats don't have any gifts to use the wrapping materials you brought.
  8. Find Santa's Toy Stockpile xmas15297 at his sleigh in Lutie.
    • Select the gifts in color order because they're fragile. This is VERY difficult because GMs did not use the 16.1-style of NPC interactions where it only shows animations on the user's screen. The animations are global animations.
      • When you click the Stockpile, a Red, Blue, or "Yellow" (but its green) animation activates. Select that corresponding color in the dialog.
      • Once you successfully get the color, it will display the second one (immediately?) after. Repeat the process 5 (?) times until you're successful.
  9. Find the Toy Sendoff xmas199245 with the sleigh on a ramp and choose the appropriate responses from the table below.
  10. Tell Retired Santa the good news that the gifts were wrapped and delivered, and he will give you a Christmas Tree Hat.
Dialog says Choose
Bit Heavy in the Back Front of Sleigh
Bit Heavy on the Front Back of Sleigh
Something to hold on the paper Wrapping Lace
Please Wrap the gifts Wrapping Paper

Gift Exchange

There is a crane NPC Gift Exchange next to Retired Santa malangdo129195.
  • Exchange your items one-by-one for Santa Claws Tokens and collect enough to exchange them for items in the table below.
Exchange Rate
Items Reward
538.png 1 Well-Baked Cookie
6898.png 1 Santa Claws Token
529.png 1 Candy
530.png 1 Candy Cane
7175.png 1 Wrapping Paper
6898.png 3 Santa Claws Token
7174.png 1 Wrapping Lace
(Santa Claws Tokens)
12132.png Santa's Bag
10 12002.png Level 5 Heal Scroll
644.png Gift Box
22550.png Cookie Bag
603.png Old Blue Box
7515.png Prize Medal
617.png Old Purple Box
616.png Old Card Album
18708.png Candy Hat
31420.png Costume: Shining Santa Poring

Snow Flower Festival (kRO)

Making a Snow Bouquet

  1. Get to Al De Baran just northeast of the Clock Tower on the inner ring and speak to Festival Manager aldebaran174164 and agree to join the festival.
  2. Because no snow (apparently) falls in Al De Baran, you need to collect 10 Magical Snow Flower that are dropped by the event Siroma's found in the world.
  3. After giving the 10 Magical Snow Flowers, you will receive 5 Snow Flower Festival Giftboxes and 10 Ice Candy.
    The NPC also asks about what type of stat boost you want, but there seems to be no icon that indicates it for some of them.

Staying Strong through the Winter

  1. You can then talk to Snow flower illusionist who will ask for 10 more Magical Snow Flowers and the nearby Snowmen want one (1) Carrot.
  2. Bring the required items to Snow flower illusionist and you will get one of the 4 different stat boosts. You will receive 5 Ice Candy and 1 Snow Flower Festival Giftbox

Staying Warm with Cotton

  1. Talk to Coti just left of the north exit of town aldebaran124238 and agree to bring 10 Warm Cotton.
    You get Warm Cotton by hunting any of these 5 monsters:
    • Sasquatch
    • Marin
    • Lunatic
    • Raggler
    • Skeleton
  2. Once you return with 10, they will reward you with 5 Ice Candy and 1 Snow Flower Festival Giftbox. You will have to wait until [maybe 23 hours] pass to bring them more.

Holiday Word Play

  1. Twinkle is at the north east of Al De Baran (near Mr. Claus that takes you to Lutie) aldebaran217212 and wants you to collect Blue [Letter] Cards that spell out words.
  2. Bring Twinkle the cards for the word he's chosen for you on five different occasions and you will receive Costume: Let It Snow.
    The cards are obtained by opening Snow Flower Card Envelope. The cards are also 1 weight and character bound The possible cards are the following letters:
    A, E, F, I, L, N, O, R, S, T, V, W (Might be missing)
    Possible words include:
    • FLOWER
    • SNOW

  • If you want to remove your cards, talk to Festival Claviger aldebaran169173 and they will remove all of them.

Mouths Which Can't Handle the Cold

  1. If you mouth can't handle Ice Candy for Snow Flower Festival Giftboxes, talk to Snow aldebaran170168 to exchange them.
  2. He trades them at a rate of 3 Ice Candy for 1 Snow Flower Festival Giftbox.
    This NPC allows you to get multiple giftboxes at once, but at a maximum of 10 giftboxes (aka 30 Ice Candy)

Snow Flower Festival Giftbox

Contain one of the following
Category Items
23548.png 3 Ice Candy
11578.png 2 (Not for Sale) Lucky Candy Cane
11580.png 2 (Not for Sale) Lucky Candy
11581.png 2 (Not for Sale) Piece of Cake
11575.png 2 (Not for Sale) Lucky Cookie
23552.png 1 Flora Cookie
23551.png 1 Pestie Cookie
23549.png 1 Snow Cookie
23550.png 1 Winter Cookie
20222.png Costume Blue Christmas Cheer
31390.png Costume Let It Snow
19707.png Costume: Polar Bear Cap
19697.png Costume: Rudolf Santa Hat
19702.png Costume Santa's Hat