2018 St. Patrick's Day Event

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2018 St. Patrick's Day Event
Base Level: 21
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
12646.png Donut
Item(s): 12646.png Donut
(formerly Takoyaki/Poring Pretzel)
19811.png Costume Beer Cap

St. Patricks Day Event, Duffy's Pub Crawl (2023)

Start the Crawl!

1. Talk to Duffy prt_in4032 inside the pub in Southwest Prontera Pub. He asks you to visit all the Brewmasters participating in this event in Prontera, Geffen and Aldebaran. Duffy is also the NPC that you will talk to whenever you want to exchange your Donuts. Duffy-2018-StPatty.png:

2. Visit the following Brewmasters around Rune Midgard:

Note: No matter your alcohol tolerance, once you turn in the brewing supplies, you will be given the Confusion status.


  • The Brewmaster prt_in4237 just behind the counter next to Duffy makes a mean Stout! He needs:
Brewmaster1-Prontera-2018-StPatty.png Item Req. Rewards
12646.png 5 Donut
  • Speak to Brewmaster prt_in17624 in the second Prontera pub that is in the inner circle of town, south of the PVP inn. She needs you to bring :
Brewmaster2-Prontera-2018-StPatty.png Item Req. Rewards
12646.png 10 Donut


  • The Brewmaster geffen_in26131 is just in front of the counter of the pub immediately northeast of the tower. To try out their sea-salt vanilla porter, bring the following:
Brewmaster-Geffen-2018-StPatty.png Item Req. Rewards
12646.png 10 Donut

Al De Baran

  • This town's Brewmaster aldeba_in169183 in the pub south of the East portal wants you to bring ingredients to try the sour Ale (that apparently takes months to ferment...). Return with:
Brewmaster-Aldebaran-2018-StPatty.png Item Req. Rewards
12646.png 15 Donut
  • You can also get in a brawl (a bar crawl one might say... :P) with the guy at the entrance and he will drop a Poring Pretzel.

Pub Food Exchange

You can talk to Duffy to trade your Donut (again, formerly "Takoyaki/Poring Pretzel") for some rewards.

Category Pub Food Name 12646.png Donut
Temporary Buffs Soda Bread 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 AGI
Boxty 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 INT
Shepard's Pie 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 LUK
Corned Beef and Cabbage 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 STR
Beef and Stout Stew 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 VIT
Bangers and Mash 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 DEX
Coddle 40 Battle Manual effect
Citizen Oda's Miracle Elixir effect:
All Stat +10
Atk/Matk +10
Increase Movement Speed (10 minutes)
Costumes Pub Crawl Souvenir 500
19811.png Costume Beer Cap