2018 Winter Sports Festa

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Join the Committee

2018 Winter Sports Festa
Base Level: 60
Item(s) (Consumed): 519.png 25 Milk
578.png 15 Strawberry
1002.png 20 Iron Ore
Base Experience: 200,000
Job Experience: 100,000
Quest Reward(s): Access to event Mini Games
  1. Go to Payon and speak with Terra Track payon15196 and sign up to join the committee.
    • Receive 100,000 Base EXP and 50,000 Job EXP
  2. Inside Payon Tool Dealer Inn, talk to Monsieur Pierrot payon_in01655. He ask you to convince five nations to join the competition.
  3. Walk to the left side of the inn and talk with Major Molotov payon_in01590.
    • He needs an enriched shake to heal after being attacked by a Baba Yaga.
  4. Return to Major Molotov with 25 Milk, 15 Strawberry, and 20 Iron Ore.
  5. Go outside and talk with Lydia Mansoor payon174171.
    • Agree to race Aslan to the entrance of Payon.
    WinterSport-LydiaMansoor-Payon.png WinterSport-Aslan-Payon.png
  6. Make your way to the entrance gates. Click the Race Checkpoint payon16273 and Aslan will appear.
  7. Return to Lydia Mansoor, and then proceed to Lawrence Llaguno payon218139.
    • Receive 100,000 Base EXP and 50,000 Job EXP
  8. Find a new place for Port Malaya's team to stay and practice by talking to the Weapon Shop Manager payon_in0118123
  9. Then return to Lawrence Llaguno payon218139 and tell him the good news about having a place to stay.
  10. Talk to Isabela Izumi payon174135 and tell her that Payon hasn't officially signed up.
    • She'll then convince you to compete.
  11. Walk along the dock to Terra Track and Franklin Field payon15396. Talk to them to remove the quest from the Quest Log.

Mini Games


2018 Winter Sports Festa
Base Level:
Quest Prerequisite(s): Join the Committee
Item(s): 6157.png 100 Festa Gold Medal
  • Speak with Cpt. Rudy Rotgut payon190175.
    • For the fencing mini-game when he insult you, use the proper rebuttal.
    • When it is your turn, use one of the insult.
    • For beating him you will receive 100 Festa Gold Medal.
    • Keep in mind that your responses and insults are all lower cases.
    • You can only use insults/rebuttals that have been used previously.
    • Remember which ones he uses, and don't use insults that haven't been mentioned yet.
Insult Rebuttal
smelled whiff
over somewhere
sharp tip
leaf cat teach
potion nose
fear face
stop master
thought crossed
fighting breath


2018 Winter Sports Festa
Base Level:
Quest Prerequisite(s): Join the Committee
Item(s): 6157.png 50 Festa Gold Medal
  • Speak to Punch Sideiron payon139146.
  • He tells you to punch the machine next to him.
  • Click the Beatup Vending Machine and punch it payon146141.

The Maze

2018 Winter Sports Festa
Base Level:
Quest Prerequisite(s): Join the Committee
Item(s): 6157.png 200 Festa Gold Medal
  • In the maze mini-game, you must speak to the Researcher, Sark Hummers payon194151.
    • He will teleport you to an event version of Kamidal Tunnel.
    • On Restart, teleportation is enabled on this map, allowing players to bypass the challenges entirely.
  • There will be another Researcher, Alice edic_dun0158224 above you that will start the maze for you.
  • In the maze, there will be traps on the ground that injure you for low amounts of damage.
    • Avoid the Treasure Boxes, they will spawn a horde of monsters (Wind Ghost, Evil Druid, possibly others).
    • The black puddles in the maze can Heal you if you are injured.
    • Along some of the walls are Archer Skeletons that will 'shoot' you (but not with regular attacks, so you can keep moving without issue).
  • At the end of each tunnel, there will be a Relic that summons a monster, High Orc, Mummy and Wraith respectively.
  • After defeating them a Lost Soul will appear, talk to him and he will teleport the player to the next stage.
    • The last Lost Soul will reward the player with 175 medals and teleport them out.
  • Speak with the Researcher again to obtain another 25 medals.

Fishing Event

Westley payon18087 lets you craft fishing rods and exchange fish for Festa Gold Medals.

  • A fishing spot can be found at payon20048.
  • See Fishing Event for general info on how this works.
Exchange Rate
Fish Festa Gold Medal
6775.png Salmon
6778.png Squid
6901.png Sturgeon
6902.png Jumbo Shrimp
6770.png Shark
6772.png Octopus
6771.png Tuna
6773.png Snapper
6774.png Piranha

Festa Gold Medal

Festa Gold Medals cannot be traded but can be put in storage and shared between characters.

Terra Track and Franklin Field will exchange your Festa Gold Medals for rewards.

Exchange Rate
Festa Gold Medal Reward
12016.png 6 Speed Potion
1061.png 50 Witch Starsand
7621.png 5 Token of Siegfried
578.png 50 Strawberry
5433.png Champion's Wreath
20279.png Costume Whistle

Champion's Wreath

Frank payon157142 can refine the Champion's Wreath using another Champion's Wreath as a reagent.

  • Refinement has a chance to fail. Upon failure you will lose the catalyst Wreath but the one you're wearing will not be destroyed.
  • If the Champion's Wreath you're wearing is upgraded to +8, Frank will instead offer to exchange it for a Promethean Crown costume, which retains the EXP increase and, unlike the Wreath, is tradable. Wearing the Crown and Wreath simultaneously stacks the bonuses additively.