2020 St. Patrick's Day Event

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2020 St. Patrick's Day Event
Base Level: 21
Item(s) (Consumed): Varies
12646.png Donut
Item(s): 12646.png Donut
(formerly Takoyaki/Poring Pretzel)
19811.png Costume Beer Cap

Start the Crawl!

  • Get carded by Duffy prt_in4032 at the door to the pub crawl starting in Southwest Prontera Pub.
  • Visit the following Brewmasters around Rune Midgard:
    Note: No matter your alcohol tolerance, once you turn in the brewing supplies, you will be given the Confusion status.


  • The Brewmaster prt_in4237 just behind the counter next to Duffy makes a mean Stout! He needs:
Brewmaster1-Prontera-2018-StPatty.png Item Req. Rewards
12646.png 5 Donut
  • Speak to Brewmaster prt_in17624 in the second Prontera pub that is in the inner circle of town, south of the PVP inn. She needs you to bring :
Brewmaster2-Prontera-2018-StPatty.png Item Req. Rewards
12646.png 10 Donut


  • The Brewmaster geffen_in26131 is just in front of the counter of the pub immediately northeast of the tower. To try out their sea-salt vanilla porter, bring the following:
Brewmaster-Geffen-2018-StPatty.png Item Req. Rewards
12646.png 10 Donut

Al De Baran

  • This town's Brewmaster aldeba_in169183 in the pub south of the East portal wants you to bring ingredients to try the sour Ale (that apparently takes months to ferment...). Return with:
Brewmaster-Aldebaran-2018-StPatty.png Item Req. Rewards
12646.png 15 Donut
  • You can also get in a brawl (a bar crawl one might say... :P) with the guy at the entrance and he will drop a Poring Pretzel.

Pub Food Exchange

You can talk to Duffy to trade your Donut (again, formerly "Takoyaki/Poring Pretzel") for some rewards.

Category Pub Food Name 12646.png Donut
Temporary Buffs Soda Bread 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 AGI
Boxty 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 INT
Shepard's Pie 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 LUK
Corned Beef and Cabbage 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 STR
Beef and Stout Stew 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 VIT
Bangers and Mash 5 Battle Manual effect
+10 DEX
Coddle 40 Battle Manual effect
Citizen Oda's Miracle Elixir effect:
All Stat +10
Atk/Matk +10
Increase Movement Speed (10 minutes)
Costumes Pub Crawl Souvenir 500
19811.png Costume Beer Cap