Adventure of the Tarnished Lamp

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Adventure of the Tarnished Lamp
Base Level: 50 (Renewal)
?? (Classic)
Hunting: 20 Byorgue Mercenary (Renewal)

50 Kobold Archer (Classic Loki)

Item(s): 22607.png 1 Isis Mercenary Scroll (Renewal)

18921.png 1 Costume: Tarnished Lamp (Renewal)
Sons of Kobold Hood (Classic Loki)

Event Notice

Spotlight Quest Description

This quest is part of the Rachel Spotlight (see official announcement). When the spotlight on Rachel ends, this quest will cease being available. Your goal is to recover an ancient powerful artifact. Some magical trinkets are provided as reward.

Doing the Quest

WARNING: The Byorgue Mercenaries are level 100, with 60k hp. Although the minimum level requirement is only 50, characters below level 90 will have difficulty soloing the Mercenaries.

  1. Talk to Dewey in northwest Prontera prontera61341. He informs you that your Uncle Tim has passed away and asks you to head to the city of Rachel to contact his colleague in order to pick up your inheritance. Dewey gives you the advice that it's not the journey that matters, but the destination. It's good advice.
    • While the slow journey is via airship, if you have a fast way to get to either Juno's town square Kafra or Beins' Cool Event NPC, they can warp you to Rachel.
    • Before you leave Dewey, you may consider whether or not to hire a Spearman Mercenary as you are fairly close to the Chivalry headquarters. You will receive a rare Isis Mercenary on Step 4 of this quest but you may prefer to save that and use the spearman instead to help you kill some of the quest monsters. If you use a lower level spearman, you'll have to start the fight and tank the hits from the Byorgue or else the spearman will be killed as the Byorgue is fairly tough.
  2. In Rachel, talk to Carol Cheatem rachel87194 standing outside of Uncle Tim's house. She informs you that thieves have broken into the house and stolen all of Tim's treasures. She asks you to look inside for clues.
  3. Inside the house, talk to the Book Shelf mounted in the wall near the portal, you'll discover a secret passage along with some options.
    • If you have a Priest, get some buffs now before selecting the option to explore. This is because you'll appear on the field map located east of Rachel and there are hostile monsters on that field.
  4. Speak to Aladdin located slightly north of where you appeared. He says that he is just a pickpocket, but that he did see some thieves go by. He tells you to look for clues on the field map.
  5. Head to the bottom right part of the map and talk to the wounded Merchant lying on the ground at ra_fild1230534. He says he was attacked by the thieves and that they went back to Rachel. That's your cue to head back to Rachel.
    • While getting to this Merchant, you should use Fly Wings to save time. If you had received Increase AGI before entering the Book Shelf passage, it will pay off now as you will easily outrun the Roween. If there are a lot of Roween near the Merchant, you may have to lure some of them away before coming back if you want to patiently read what the NPC has to say.
    • There are no choices to make in the conversation, so you can simply press return to quickly go through.
  6. In Rachel, speak to Aladdin standing on the east side of the town square fountain at rachel140125. He tells you that the thieves are none other than the Sons of Kobold. He offers to sneak in to their hideout and steal the treasure back for you but needs you to provide a distraction so that he can get in. He asks you to kill some of their mercenary minions.
  7. Hunt 20 Byorgue Mercenary minions on the map east of Rachel. For Classic server, hunt 50 Kobold Archers in the same map.
    • During the Spotlight Quest event, these quest monsters will be added to the existing normal monsters on that map.
    • If you are durable in WoE and can dish out damage, then the Byorgue Minions are not that challenging as their DEF and MDEF are low even though their HIT and HP are high.
  8. Return to Aladdin by the Rachel fountain. He has successfully stolen the lamp, and asks you what to do with it.
  9. Select "Rub the Lamp" and a Genie will appear. He grants you your one wish, to receive a cool headgear, before vanishing.


  1. While the airship does take you from Izlude to Rachel (with a free transfer in Juno), the kafra at Juno's town square can warp you directly to Rachel. While this is fast, it costs more zeny.
  2. As usual for any Spotlight, if you completed all of the other existing spotlight area's quests during that spotlight, talk to the NPC Victoria Quest at coordinates rachel128137 in the Rachel town's square for an additional exp award (200K base, 100K job).
  3. Every time you talk to Aladdin he will steal 1 zeny from you.
  4. Stats on the Costume Tarnished Lamp, Luk +10.


  • First implemented on May 21, 2013 along with Rachel Spotlight.
  • Re-activated on:
    • May 26 ~ June 14, 2016
    • April 19, 2019