Alberta Boy

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Alberta Boy
Base Level: 70
Item(s) (Consumed): 513.png 1 Banana

501.png 1 Red Potion
528.png 1 Monster's Feed

Quest Prerequisite(s): Friendship Quest and Shadow Quest (Rekenber Job Quest)
Base Experience: 28,550
  1. In Alberta, go to the large house in the top middle of the map alberta93201.
  2. Upstairs, go into the first room and talk to Iromo and his mother. She suggests asking Iromo's friend what some of Iromo's favorite foods are to cheer him up.
  3. Back outside, talk to the Little Boy alberta45106. He asks you to buy him a Banana.
  4. Return to the Boy with a Banana. He eats it, then tells you Iromo liked Monster's Feed with Red Potion.
  5. With 1 Red Potion and 1 Monster's Feed in hand, go back to Iromo, who eats them. He then says he's afraid of the cat outside that walks on two legs (Wild Rose).
  6. Defeat a Wild Rose, and make sure the one in Alberta is dead.
  7. Go back to talk to Iromo and receive 4,700 EXP.
  8. Speak with his mother and be told that his kid still prefer stay at home instead of go adventuring.
  9. Go back and talk to Iromo and his mother until the 24 hour waiting period starts (see quest window for the time).
  10. After a day has passed, talk to Iromo. He will tell you he wants a big brother like you and you tell him about your adventure and receive 12,000 EXP.