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The Auction System is a feature allowing high-priced items to be auctioned via an in-game system, versus offline or chat negotiating. Due to the high fees and somewhat high minimum bid amounts, the system has proven to be unpopular, seeing almost no use on iRO. Auction Houses can be found in the following locations:

Town NPC Location
Prontera (217, 120)
Juno (130, 116)
Lighthalzen (206, 169)
Morroc (moc_ruins 78, 174)

Each Auction Hall and the auctions in it is separate from all of the rest. For example, items being auctioned in the Prontera Hall will not show up in the Lighthalzen hall.

Auctions can last a maximum of 72 hours. However, there is a fee of 12k/hr for auctioning an item. This means the system charges 864,000 Zeny for a 72-hour auction. Once an item is put up for auction it cannot be taken down until the time runs out or someone buys it with the "Buy it Now" price.

The minimum price for any item is 10,000,000 Zeny.The maximum price for any item is 990,000,000 Zeny. Account or character-bound items such as Wedding Rings cannot be auctioned.

Items won in auctions are mailed to the winners through the Mailing System. Items with no bids will be mailed back to the seller. Items can be searched for in the menu using the item name or bid number. Items are divided by type in the auction menu: Armor, Weaponry, Cards, or Miscallaneous.

Currently, the Auction System has been removed due to bugs related to the Mailing System.