Brasilis Water Lily Quest

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Brasilis Water Lily Quest
Base Level: Unknown
Item(s) (Consumed): 513.png 10 Banana

11515.png 5 Coconut

Quest Prerequisite(s): Brasilis Dungeon Entrance Quest
Base Experience: 50,000 ~ 112,500
Job Experience: 10,000 ~ 22,500
Item(s): 5302.png 1 Water Lily Hat of Red Stone, Green Stone, or Blue Stone
(67, 205)

1. In Brasilis, talk to Botanist Karmen in the top middle of the map brasilis203286. She talks about the water lily and tells you to talk to Marta if you want to learn more.


2. Find Marta inside the Inn in the lower right of town brasilis274151. She's on the second floor in the left room. Listen to her story about Naia and the moon.


3. Go back outside and speak with the Brasilis Girl. Her name is Jasira, ask her what’s the matter, that you just want to help and then offer to help her out.


4. On the second floor of the Brasilis Dungeon, locate the Recluse bra_dun0267205 named Jasi. With 10 Bananas in your inventory, ask him if he is the moon. He then tells you his story.

  • Tip: You can buy Bananas and Coconuts (for step 7) from the Fruit Gardener in the town at brasilis221128.

5. Talk to the Water Lily bra_dun0271200 next to Jasi, but he will try and stop you when you attempt to pluck up the flower. You argue that you have already given him bananas but he tells you to bring him a certain fruit and he needs 5 of those.


6. Return to Jasira and ask her what fruit Jasi is looking for. She tells you that it is coconut.

7. With 5 Coconuts in your inventory, go back to Jasi and give him the 5 Coconuts.

8. Click on the Water Lily and you will receive 1 Water Lily.

9. Go back to Jasira and give her the Water Lily. In return you will receive a Red Stone, Green Stone, or Blue Stone type Water Lily Hat, chosen at random.

10. Return to Botanist Karmen, and tell her what happened. She rewards you with 50,000–112,500 Base Experience and 10,000–22,500 Job Experience, relative to your Base Level.

Note on EXP:

Level 63 - Level 92 : 50k base EXP and 10k job EXP